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Natural user Interface (NUI, Natural user Interface)--especially touch technology makes human-machine interaction more natural and intuitive and more humane. For example, the ipad, the iphone and some mobile phones using Windows Mobile,android and other systems have made it easier for users to experience touch. This article is about the interactive design of mobile phone-side touch technology, which uses our muscle memory, does not need to think too much, lets us rely on the subconscious, move the finger to complete the task-it is gesture operation.

Gesture Operation classification

Basic operations

Navigation actions

Object manipulation

Drawing operations

Icing on the cake vs self-defeating

Touch-screen based gesture operation is a leap in mobile phone-side human-computer interaction, it makes mobile life of mobile phone users become more colorful, so that the interaction between people and equipment more interesting, while enhancing the user's operation of the satisfaction, it is icing on the cake.

A small surprise for the user's favor!

Gesture manipulation allows the user's operating space to be no longer limited to the number of pixels on the interface button.

"When browsing the Web, you can narrow the current page window with your hand, and you don't need to click the Back button, just draw a ' ' on the screen and the interface jumps to the last page you opened ...

Dynamic and cool!

Gestures are a dynamic new experience for the user, relative to the boring touch and click.

You can often see a user with a mobile phone, "cut the watermelon."

To simplify the magic of simplicity!

In some applications, the use of gesture can simplify the operation of the user to complete a task and improve the efficiency.


Gesture operation brings a simple interface and interesting operation, but in the actual application process, the designer often ignores some usability problems, causing the user experience to suffer.

Lack of normative confusion?

At present, the gesture operation has not yet formed a uniform standard specification. The same target task, often appear different gesture operations, which caused the user's confusion.

For example: The following three kinds of gesture operation can make the target object rotate a certain angle, but there is no fixed use specification

Awkward to be found?

Gestures do not seem to be as big as a button or menu operation, the user interface does not tell users what to do with an object, so users need to remember which gestures can be used. If the user is not aware of it, these gestures are not easy to detect, they will not be used, and even cause the operation of obstacles.

A dead hole with a low degree of precision?

The factors that affect the accuracy of gesture operation are many, such as the size of the hardware screen, the sensitivity of the reaction, the proficiency of the user's operation, the Cognition (memory) of the gesture itself.

These factors will lead to gestures easy to produce: Operation unprepared trigger, do not know whether the operation is in place, misoperation, and inconsistent with the expected results, so that users frustrated experience.

Give a hero a use

While gesture manipulation is still a thorn in the road to an Easy-to-use sanctuary, as long as we bypass the experience problem in the design process, we can still give the hero a hand.

"Insight into user habits"

The design of the gesture itself needs to conform to the user's mental model and daily usage habits, so as to not add memory burden to the user, and is easily accepted by the user.

Cultural conventions

The gesture itself or the design of the process is in accordance with the established usage of the specific culture, the image, meaningful gestures are easier to remember and learn, conform to the cognitive habits, and should use "common symbols" as gestures.

Physical metaphor

The shape or operation process of gesture itself is simplified from the concrete object, and its connotation has the metaphorical meaning of the object.

The first letter indicates

Gesture of the order by using the initials of the command in Chinese or English. If "a" means "all Delete" (all) gestures, "C" means "copy", etc.

Easy to operate

The shape is beautiful: "Like closed curve", "feel comfortable, beautiful".

Easy to operate: "Best one stroke finished", "use the curve as far as possible."

Appropriate complexity: some gestures are appropriately complex (such as total deletion), because these gestures are easy to cause the user a large loss.

"Guide users to use"

Many times, gesture manipulation is hidden and difficult for users to discover. Therefore, some users will be guided to further assist the user. "Leading" mode of guidance is more suitable for users to quickly accept, get started as soon as possible, enjoy the fun gesture operation. It is best to put the concise and crisp indicative guidance instructions on the user's first use, so that the user is psychologically prepared.

"Select for user"

For complex gestures, users can not be forced to learn memory and use, only as an alternative shortcut to provide users, so that those who are willing to learn more quickly to complete the desired function.

Gesture mode allows the user to choose whether to enable the mode. The user can use gestures to complete the task with gesture mode enabled.

"Talking on the data."

Gesture operation lacks the specification, regarding the gesture itself the design may carry on the user investigation, qualitative or the quantitative analysis different gesture operation's usability, uses the research data to help confirm chooses which kind of operation method will be more convenient for the user to use.

"V" is right in front of you.

Interactive design is to solve one after another experience problems, although the mobile phone side of the hand gesture operation of the application of this or that user experience of the bug, but I believe it is still v5. Through our continuous improvement and innovation, the natural user interface of the grand goal will be achieved one day! Victory is in the front!


Article Source: Baidu Mux

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