About Quick packaging and Custom packaging

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About Quick packaging and Custom packaging

The Enterprise Manager support Workbench providesmethods for creating and uploading an incident Package:the quick packaging method and the custom packaging Metho D.Quick Packaging--this is the more automated method with a minimum of steps, organized in a guided workflow (a wizard). You select a single problem, provide a package name and description, and then schedule upload of the package contents, EIT She immediately or at a specified date and time. The Workbench automatically places diagnostic data related to the problem into the package, finalizes the Creates the zip file, and then uploads the file.With this method, you does not have the opportunity to add, edit, or remove package files or add other diagnostic data s Uch as SQL test cases.However, it is the simplest and quickest-to-get first-failure diagnostic data to Oracle support. Quick packaging is the method used in the workflow described in "Investigating, Reporting, and resolving a problem". Note that when quick packaging are complete, the package, which was created by the wizard remains. You can then modify the package with custom packaging operations at a later time and manually reupload.Custom packaging--This is the more manual method, with more steps. It is intended for expert support Workbench users, want more control over the packaging process. With custom packaging, you can create a new package with one or more problems, or you can add one or more problems to an E Xisting package. You can thenperform a variety of operations on the new or updated package, including:

Adding or removing problems or incidents

Adding, editing, or removing trace files in the package Adding or removing external files of any type.

Adding Other diagnostic data such as SQL test cases

Manually finalizing the package and then viewing package contents to determine if you must edit or remove sensitive data o R Remove files to reduce package size.

You might conduct these operations over a number of days, before deciding so you had enough diagnostic information to s End to Oracle support. With custom packaging, you create the zip file and request upload to Oracle support as a separate steps. Each of these steps can is performed immediately or scheduled for a future date and time.

Select the full or Incremental option to generate a full package zip file or a Incremental package zip file.

For a full package zip file, all the contents of the "package" (original contents and all correlated data) is always added to the zip file.

For a incremental package zip file, only the diagnostic information this is new or modified since the last time Created a zip file for the same, the added to the zip file. For example, if trace information is appended to a trace file since that file is last included in the generated physical File for a package, the trace file is added to the incremental package zip file. Conversely, if no changes were made to a trace file since it's last uploaded for a package, which trace file is not inclu Ded in the incremental package zip file.

About Quick packaging and Custom packaging

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