About squid ACL syntax

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About squid ACL syntax
Squid ACL syntax

About squid ACL syntax

ACL, access control list, and access control list. Its syntax is: (add in/usr/local/squid/etc/squid. conf)

ACL table name table Type [-I] Table value

Http_access [Allow/deny:

Table Name: Customizable

Table type: The table types include:

SRC Source Address: IP address of the client

DST Destination Address: IP address of the server

Srcdomain source domain: the domain to which the client belongs

Dstdomain destination domain: the domain to which the server belongs

Url_regex URL Regular Expression (string part)

Path in urlpath_regex URL Regular Expression

Time [week] [time period]

Maximum number of connections of the maxconn Client

-I: This parameter makes squid case insensitive.

Table value: varies with the table type.

Note: The Week in time must contain the following characters:

S (Sunday, Sunday) m (Monday, Monday) T (Tuesday, Tuesday) W (Wednesday, Wednesday)

H (Thursday, Thursday) f (Friday) A (Saturday, Saturday)

The time period is expressed as: XX: 00-yy: 00, for example :-

The http_access option allows you to set whether a table is allowed (allow) or deny (deny)

The following is an example of anti-3721 ACL. Add it to squid. conf:

ACL badurls dstdomain-I www.3721.com www.3721.net download.3721.com cnsmin.3721.com

Http_access deny badurls

ACL badkeywords url_regex-I 3721.com 3721.net

Http_access deny badkeywords


Badurls and badkeywords are your custom table names.

Dstdomain is the server domain name (destination domain), while url_regex is the content contained in the URL Regular Expression (string part.

The deny of the http_access option denies access to the badurls and badkeywords tables.

Flash download prohibited:

ACL badfiles urlpath_regex-I. SWF $

Http_access deny badfiles

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