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Today, on the A5, I saw an article about ' Medical website Google traffic more than Baidu's reasons for detailed ' article, indeed I as a medical site workers, also found in a pure natural optimization of the site, there has been this phenomenon, has been wanted to share with you, now although someone has shared, but I think there are some places need to add.

Let's take a look at the medical station I know. A screenshot of the comparison of two CNZZ statistics in the last 4 months (the contrast between the end of March and the end of April and the end of May to June):



It's not hard to see from these two graphs, Google search traffic from less than Baidu to gradually catch up, the go-ahead, until now more than 3 times times more than Baidu, this was absolutely not the case 4 months ago, although it may be because the site has been optimized before, and now because of the loss of staff, plus is a small station, resulting in optimization, The lack of management has a certain relationship (updates remain unchanged), but it can be a purely natural site posture to illustrate some problems.

The previous ' medical web site Google traffic over the reasons for more than Baidu ' article, the author analyzed a lot of reason, but I through the recent query on this issue after some information, I think there are two points to be supplemented:

1, in recent months Baidu algorithm has a greater adjustment

Many people should know that since October 2010, many media outlets revealed that Google will re-enter the mainland market, Baidu for the world's largest search engine is still wary of, they have been trying to find a solution, and after 1.5 years, these countermeasures may have begun to implement. Although a lot of adjustments for the higher weight of the site, may have little impact, but for the impact of the small station is relatively large, such as I know this station has a lot of keywords ranked on the back, or directly lost. May be many people think that the ' Baidu algorithm adjustment ' People are in the blind guess, but the facts speak louder than, otherwise should not someone with I found the same phenomenon.


2, Google itself for the new station is willing to give the opportunity performance

This sentence is not a myth, indeed, not too long ago in a more authoritative SEO books or websites have seen such a topic, and by observing the source of traffic, also did find that some of the weight in the page can not be compared with a number of large sites, as long as the content of the high degree of relevance, ranking is better than each other. This is Google's proposed, willing to give new station performance opportunity theory, and the new station as long as can maintain high-quality content, to bring more useful information to netizens, it is valuable, it is eligible to keep ranking. Ask, what is the big Web site in terms of the content relative to the station, but by virtue of high weight and occupy most good rankings?

Here, I have to say a few words Baidu is not: Other types of sites I do not know, but for the medical site, I believe many people found, and now most of the site optimization staff began in the home page, the title tag of the column Big Fuss ', many even obviously exist the phenomenon of keyword accumulation, but Baidu seems to turn a blind eye (I think it may be the Chinese word segmentation is too thin, such as it put ' infertility _ infertility _ Infertility Reasons _ Sterility Check _ Infertility Treatment _ Sterility Therapy _ Infertility Care, "the title as 5 different keywords, but in fact ' Infertility ' the word repeated 5 times, it is anyway to feel the home page, the weight of the column page is higher than the inside page, so the ranking will be better than the article page, and no matter whether the content of netizens search is highly related, as long as a bit relevant on it, let alone now a lot of the title tag has become a sentence of the form of a word, This is more easily to be judged by Baidu as a related high page, but after clicking in, the content of the page may not be directly in search of information users.

However, recently also saw about the high weight of Baidu site review of the news, I am holding hands in favor of, because now many sites by virtue of their own position high weight advantage, rest assured, casually change a page title tag, may directly rob a lot of stations should have ranked position, this will undoubtedly form a ' The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And these high weights of the site by their own high traffic, wantonly involved in a variety of advertising cooperation, and some even pop-up ads flying, so the user experience how can be imagined. But do not forget that the final search engine or the user experience as the first, therefore, we have reason to believe that Baidu will become better, at least it began to the high weight of the site to re-examine the move is progress.

Although and Google is willing to give new station performance opportunity than up, Baidu seems to really have a lot to improve, but anyway, I think the search engine is to let users in the search results, can quickly and accurately find their most wanted information. And those who have high weights of the website, the information provided is really not necessarily the user most want. Here, I suddenly think of a recently seen a website, 10 months time, Baidu weight of 8, the daily flow of more than 200,000, there must be a lot of people do not believe, but does exist, next time to share with you the station is where the sacred bar.

This article by the Nanjing Ancient Puzzle original edition, copyright address: http://www.jsjy120.com, reprint please retain the source, has the wrong place please everybody pointed out, extremely grateful! (A5 starting)

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