About the WPF team model I understand-between the UI Designer and the developer

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What I understandWPFTeam model-inUI DesignerAndDeveloper Between
Zhou yinhui

1The old model is no longer applicable

First, let's take a look ( . Net3.o Previously) the mode is directly introduced WPF Will be how it works. No matter what communication method we adopt, we need Developer And UI DesignerAnd then we can get a general idea of the current interface. Layout , OK , After being verified and confirmed, UI Designer He will refine his work and propose some of her new ideas, software UI Style, and then refine Photoshop , PowerPoint And so on. ) . Next, Developer All you need to do is: UI Designer And then Blend Simulate it to form an availableProgramUsed XAML. We can call this process Translate (Set ( PNG , JPG ) Translated XAML ).

This brings about the following problems:

(1) UI DesignerThe loss of most "outputs", we knowUI DesignerBesides telling usUIIn addition to how it is presented, most of the work in the design process has been discarded (for example, a button image has been beautifully designed for a long time ), this is because its output cannot be directly used by us.ProjectMedium (we must beXAMLInsteadPNG, JPG). To the endUI DesignerIt seems that we have provided a lotIdeaBut there is no material output to us for ourProject.

(2) Developer "hard work and thankless ". Most developers you are not good at plotting (even if you have blend or other silly tools ), therefore, it is rare for you to blend completely simulate the images provided by the artist. Therefore, designer if you have opinions on the other side, you can make a mess of beautiful works of art. Even if so-and-so are very good, It is simulated. Still "thankless", because this is repetitive work, developer again blend (or other.

One question may be: Why not?UI DesignerAgainExpression BlendOrExpression DesignIn the middle of work? FirstExpression BlendIn addition to training costs (I think this training cost should be quite high), mostUI designThe most serious problem for the team is that they do not have the idea and knowledge of software development and cannot integrate them into the development process if they are responsibleBlendIn this case, their every move will directly affect the performance and functionality of the software. For example, they do not followDeveloperThey will not considerXAMLCodeThere is no idea about the impact on the performance, and there is no concern about the maintainability and Stability of the software. They only care about "This kind of interface is so beautiful and easy to use ". The results can be imagined. BesidesExpression DesignIn fact, this is feasible. If the boss is willing to pay the training fee and the training time andUI DesignerIf you are willing to use the new tool.

2What are the new models?

There are several new models, depending on the skills and responsibilities of the team members, but I recommend two models.

(1)Integration Mode

Slave WPF From the perspective, in addition UI Designer And Developer In addition, we will introduce a new role. Integrator . First look at their respective responsibilities: UI Designer But we changed her output slightly. In addition Idea , Layout, and so on, it will also output all the other images (such as a beautiful button) for us, XAML (This will use some plug-ins or gadgets, you can find them here Http://www.cnblogs.com/zhouyinhui/archive/2007/12/08/987928.html). Note that the output is loose. XAML The parts only describe the image, no Style , Template , Trigger , Resource . This way UI Designer It does not change the conventional way of working, but can focus on graphics and user experience. While Developer The responsibilities remain unchanged. It focuses on the background logic, but gives up ownership of the interface, which is C # (Or other) Owner. While Integrator Will be committed to the combination of the two, the responsibility will be from UI Designer The loose XAML According to the concept of software developers Blend Components in the project, for example Template , Style , Animation As well as the modularization of the interface, the organization of resources, considering its maintainability, stability, and impact on performance, etc. XAML And Blend .

This has some obvious advantages.:

(I) do not let Members do anything they are not good. In the old mode, set developer in blend create a work of art or make UI Designer Management Based on developers' ideas blend terminals are obviously difficult to manage, this also disperses their energy and even brings complaints. But the current model has moved these burdens out.

(ii) avoiding repetitive work. In the old mode, developer to "translate" UI Designer of the image is directly from UI Designer . All we need to do is integration.

(Iii)This avoids the actual "Translation"UIAndUI. The difference between the two depends entirely onDeveloperBut often the effect is not ideal.UI DesignerI think my art is distorted.

(Iv)Someone focuses onBlendThe quality of the presentation layer of the software will be higher and easier to maintain.

(2)Harvest Mode

from the perspective of WPF , in this mode, there are only two roles : UI Designer and developer . This mode has high requirements for UI Designer , it requires Skillful Use of blend to create finished products developer " Harvest ". For example, if we need a nice button, UI desinger the style that is directly output to us. It can even output other more complex things, such as usercontrol (it is impossible to customcontrol because they do not write program logic, unless it works with developer ). Their work is completed in a secondary project in the solution, and they are responsible for the true performance of the software blend the developer is responsible for many software development tasks.

This mode also has various advantages of the integration mode, and compared with the integration mode,UI DesignerIt is more integrated into the project development process,UI DesignerHigh requirements.

Other suggestions: reasonable IntegrationBlendIf you findXAMLIf the file is too large, it is modularized. PersistenceUIProjects are always usableBlendOpen it. Otherwise, it will cause some roles in the team to go out or work very hard. Do not coupling the interface with logic. If you find that the logic references too many interface elementsBinding,Trigger,ResourceAnd so on. In addition, I recommend the first mode. I have been working in this mode for a short time. integrator is one of my responsibilities.

Personal Understanding is not mature yet. Comments are welcome.

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