Access macro control program-1. 6. Description of macro usage

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6. Description of using macros
The description of macro operations is not mandatory, but it makes macros easier to understand and maintain.
SQL expressions cannot be used in the macro "condition" column.
Generally, a macro is executed for testing only. You can append a macro to a form, report, or control to respond to the event after ensuring that the macro design is correct. You can also create a custom menu command to execute the macro.
If you want Microsoft Access to temporarily ignore an operation, enter false as the condition. Temporarily ignoring the operation helps you identify macro problems.
To quickly create a macro that performs operations on a specified database object, drag the object from the Database window to the operation row in the macro window. For example, drag the form to the operation line to create a macro to open the form. The procedure is as follows: click the "vertical tile" command on the "window" menu to place the "macro" window and "Database" window so that both of them can be displayed on the screen; in the "Database" window, click the tab of the object type to be dragged, click the corresponding object, and drag it to an operation line. If a macro is dragged, the macro operation is added and other objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, or modules) are dragged to open the corresponding objects.

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