According to the analysis, insufficient LTE signaling infrastructure is difficult to meet the needs of 4G

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Adax, industry leader in High-Performance Data grouping, processing, security, and network infrastructure, warned that the current LTE signaling infrastructure is insufficient, it is difficult to meet the next wave of 4G deployment needs. Market research firm Strategy Analytics also pointed out in its predictions that by 2017, the total number of LTE users worldwide will reach 1 billion, this means that all carriers around the world are facing a serious problem of insufficient signaling infrastructure-the rapid increase in the number of users may cause a "bottleneck" Problem in the LTE signaling network.

Reliable LTE signaling infrastructure is critical to the successful deployment of 4G, and the failure to provide support for networks that use the latest technologies and billing applications may have a serious impact.

"We have heard a lot about data traffic peaks, and this issue is very important, however, operators should pay more attention to the insufficient signaling network technology currently in use. This problem is not only related to data processing on the network, but also an inherent problem of the effective signaling infrastructure-if you ignore it, it will put operators in trouble. The Diameter signaling solution will provide an improved architecture to provide the best experience for users on the LTE network ."

To help carriers solve signaling problems, Adax today launched a new Diameter signaling solution. AdaxDiameterRouter (ADR) is designed to reduce the data traffic of the core network, which will become very crowded with the increasing number of LTE/IMS nodes in the flat-all-IP network.

Diameter is an important signaling protocol in today's LTE and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks. The Diameter protocol will be widely used in LTE policy and billing applications. Applications in authentication, authorization, and billing (AAA) and IMS mobility management are also increasing.

"The increase in signaling traffic increases DiameterRouter and EdgeAgent's importance in daily roaming," Kent said. For example, point-to-point Diameter for the LTE home user server (LTEHSS) causes congestion, while Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) relieves this congestion.

As a large number of consumers turn to 4G services, the network will be under greater pressure. Now, the development of suitable signaling infrastructure will allow operators to solve the problem of traffic surge in a short period of time, while at the same time increasing the signal level ."

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