Address already in use:jvm_bind:8080 appears in MyEclipse

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I used to think that the two installed at the same time there will be errors, today is not so much, because there is no Tomcat on the lab machine, and I want to run the previous project, so I put on the Appache Tomcat directly:

When this error occurred, my first reaction was to disable the apache2.2 service and then open the Apache Tomcat service in the computer explorer, but it was wrong because Appache When Tomcat and Myeclipse8.0 are used together, you should let MyEclipse to start Appache Tomcat, and all of the Appache Tomcat in the list of Computer Management services should be left in a non-operational state.

After doing this, the problem persists, it must be that port 8080 is occupied by other programs, or the program that uses 8080 ports is terminated, or the default port number in the Tomcat configuration file is modified.

1. How do I turn off a program that uses 8080 ports?

First we have to find the program that occupies port 8080, and then end the process that consumes this port.

Under Windows, we use the command Netstat-ano to display protocol statistics and TCP/IP network connections, as shown in:

After executing the Netstat-ano command, we find the process PID with the port number 8080 is 3620, we need to find the process name corresponding to the process number.

In order to find the process name that corresponds to the process number, we use the tasklist command, as shown in:

We found that the original is ThunderPlatform.exe occupies 8080 port number, we directly with the task Manager to end this program can release 8080 port.

You can also use 360 of network monitoring tools, such as:

2. How do I modify the Tomcat profile to change its default port to a different unused port?

Locate the Tomcat installation directory and locate the Server.xml file under the Conf folder:

Modify connector port to a different port number, as shown in

In Myeclipse8.0, restart the Tomcat server.

3. How do I configure the Tomcat server in Myeclipse8.0?

The first step, click Configure Server:

In the second step, select the Tomcat 6.x as enable, click the Browse button, select the Tomcat installation directory, click OK, as shown in:

4. How do I deploy the project to the Tomcat server?

When you click the Add button, you will be prompted to select the configuration interface for the project's corresponding server:

5. How do I start the Tomcat server?

There are two places where you can start a Tomcat server:



After you successfully start the Tomcat server, enter the following address to display the login interface:

Address already in use:jvm_bind:8080 appears in MyEclipse

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