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We now generally use ADSL mode to achieve Internet access. Although the current broadband rate is very fast, but we still want to upgrade the following aspects of the application speed: The film bt download, online video playback, FTP file transfer, and so on. The vast number of netizens have also explored a lot of ways to improve the broadband rate, then, what is the simple and feasible method of speed up? What are their speed-raising effects? Then we'll answer for you.

First Test broadband speed

The initial test environment for the 1M China Telecom Broadband, through the "World Network" site ( broadband test to get a screenshot of the speed shown in Figure 1. The test used a roaming browser, only the test site to open a Web page tag and shut down the system anti-virus software, as well as all automatic online update software.

Fig. 01 Initial Speed Test

Primary article: System Speed setting

This is one of the most elementary methods for broadband promotion. When you do this, Method 1 frees up the bandwidth reserved for the system, because Windows includes the Vista system by default to retain 20% of the band, which can be released through the Group Policy manager, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 02 freeing reserved bandwidth in Group Policy manager

Another way to optimize the speed of the most direct method is to change the registration form. You can refer to some information to modify the registry's corresponding key values. Mainly the following items: MAXMT (Modify the maximum transmission unit), Defaultrcvwindow (set the transmission unit buffer size) and DefaultTTL (modify TCP/IP packet life) and so on. After the above settings, and then return to test site testing, in order to obtain accurate results, from a number of tests to take an intermediate value, as shown in Figure 3, the rate has a slight increase, but the effect is not obvious.

Figure 03 Test Results

Intermediate: Installation of speed-increasing software

At present, the choice of broadband speed-increasing software is also many, we use more is "ADSL overclocking", the effect of how? "ADSL overclocking V5.3" is downloaded from the network, using the "Advanced overclocking" feature provided by the software, performing broadband overclocking and restarting the computer, The test site was then tested 3 times to obtain the test results shown in Figure 4. (Before the test, has been the system related to broadband speed up the setting back to the initial state) visible, compared to the initial state, the rate has a certain degree of improvement, through the Web browsing, QQ login and other ways to verify that the intuitive sense of the speed of Ascension is also more obvious.

Figure 04 Test Results

Advanced article: The speed of different places

Both of these are implemented locally through the operating system or specialized speed-increasing software, and if you often use the "express" download software, you can also through its extender "FLASHGWQ" to solve the problem of slow download speed, that is, can use the company's high-speed broadband at home to meet the download needs. In the official Express website can be queried to download to it, download after decompression only a client file (gwqclient) and a server-side file (Gwqserver), as well as the use of this software documentation.

How do you use it? First of all in the work unit computer installed Fast Express software, and set up storage directory, do not limit the number of retries, express can automatically download and other related parameter items; then double-click Run "gwqclient.exe" file, configure access password, server address and access port and so on. Then on the home computer to run the "Gwqserver.exe" file, implementation and the same configuration as the client, you can add the download task and sent to the client's express software to achieve high-speed download, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 05 Software use schematic

This method of raising speed, natural than the previous introduction of the system setup, speed up the software effect is good, because we do not need to speed up the optimization operation, direct use of high-speed broadband to meet the speed needs. Of course, such speed-raising methods can not use the form of speed to achieve comparisons, but also limited to the use of Express download speed, but it will give users more choices.

Above we use some more intuitive data to illustrate the current broadband speed of some feasible methods, strengths. In fact, our practical application, we can combine a variety of methods to achieve better results, such as modifying the system set up after the use of special speed-raising software, and fully explore the potential of broadband speed for their own services.

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