After all, failed to stay, Qin Autohome passive departure, has changed

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Qin out, Autohome and peace between the tangle is completely over. This matter from the capital level, Autohome was safely deprived of the CEO position is understandable, but from the sense of Autohome the hero of the capital ruthless clean out let people sigh. This once again proves a commonplace problem, capital has the two sides of angels and demons, said the face will face.

Go away, Autohome to Autohome is "emotional" rather than "status"

After the announcement of the post of Autohome CEO, the Qin dynasty is very calm, it is also normal, the incident dust settled, although the results are not ideal, but a long-held tension resistance nerves also relaxed. Because it is now, safe to take over the whole autohome has been established fact, the Qin to do, can do, have tried, after all, still can not continue to leave the Autohome, calm left is the last thing it could do for Autohome.

In fact, for the Qin Dynasty did not continue to stay in Autohome just a few regrets, went away, to Autohome in Autohome achieved the results are not worried about, or even want to start a separate business without worrying about financing problems. Li want to leave early Autohome and independent venture, Qin to want to start a project independently of the capital side to rob for its money, this from the previous Autohome management issued privatization solicitation of the formation of the capital consortium can see, before Boyu, Sequoia, high Hillhouse on the surface is to support Autohome, but the actual force is quite qin. This shows that there is still a capital party to recognize the importance of Autohome to Autohome.

It is difficult to stand up to the idea that Autohome, as a professional manager, is eager to Autohome CEO's position to resist the change in shareholder ownership. Autohome is the 38th employee to join Autohome in 07, although Strictly not the founder of Autohome, but in Autohome internal Autohome status as the founder Li Xiang, even Lee want to leave the entire autohome entrusted to Autohome directly.

9 years, Autohome from the original for Autohome brought the first income, and all the way to lead the Autohome to the NYSE, if only to enter the time later to the Autohome as a professional manager, some malicious slander, Autohome to Autohome is emotional, Lee wanted to make a note also repeatedly stressed that Autohome is one of the Autohome three entrepreneurs, but also pointed out that the true love is the most wounded, and Autohome, is the Qin's true love.

Ping an full takeover of Autohome from the Qin Dynasty began to win

If continue to analyze from the emotional level, Autohome to the whole Autohome ideology of the greatest impact, if the peace to fully control Autohome, then must be purged from the Qin to go out, after Autohome leaderless, walk left Behind, the rest can only obey the arrangement of peace.

It is clear that there is mutual distrust between peace and autohome, and more importantly, both sides have various considerations for the future development of Autohome.

Autohome and its management team have given Autohome a plan for the next decade, which is divided into three main directions: first, online trading and service platform; second, car sharing business; third, intelligent market. In Autohome's previous plan, the completion of privatization is "the hope to create an ecosystem, so that a chain of industrial chain every link can be connected through the Internet, from an industrial chain network to truly enhance the efficiency of the industry, which is the development of the following ten years, this is also a trend." ”

The purpose of the safe acquisition of Autohome control is to develop a car trading platform that includes new and used cars, to expand auto finance and insurance business, and to prepare for the future of the Smart car market. On the surface, the future of peace to Autohome and autohome the idea of similar, but the service subject is different, if the Qin Joulai led by the implementation may be more concerned about the interests of responsible Autohome, and by the peace to lead the implementation of the need for more attention to the interests of the peace group.

If at the beginning of the stock change, peace can agree with the Autohome, it may be a confrontation can only result, but as the two sides of the dispute escalated to have you without me, you can only leave one.

In order to avoid nights, peace after taking over Autohome control the first thing is to win the CEO Autohome and CFO Zhong. Since the CEO and CFO need board approval, replacing the rest of the executive CEO can decide that it is easier to make personnel changes to other important managerial positions after the CEO is first taken, so the Ping An trust must replace Autohome. It is not surprising that other executive posts have changed before Autohome management has reached a community of interests.

Autohome has changed, the next autohome is to go to a larger market, or will be led astray, this looks at the Ping an group on the Internet market operating capacity. However, when a fast-growing company was suddenly taken away from the manager, the momentum of development was stopped, Autohome team can still maintain stability? Is there any momentum to take off again? Autohome Easy Master's tone was so high, then the media will take a magnifying glass to pay attention to Autohome's every move, although Autohome gone, but the pressure of peace will be even greater.

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After all, the

failed to stay, Qin Autohome passive departure, the weather has changed

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