After my wife ran away with a netizen, a husband in Beijing posted a message on BBS! Absolutely strong

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Yes !!! That is to say, you. What happened? You learned to leave home? I just had a few days ago. I went home and checked all my wardrobes! You can. Why didn't you think about moving all the combined audio, computer, and TV of our house? Oh, if you don't want to pass it, leave a piece of paper and scatter it. You cried and shouted for freedom. Who have I become? Then, *** asked your dad, how should I know about them? Tell me my daughter-in-law ran away with a netizen? If they believe in the same thing, the problem is that the first day is good. This turns around and even the shadows are gone. I believe that neighbors do not believe it. What do you want to do? Let's just put it bluntly. If you want to divorce, I won't block you either, but you have to give me a picture in advance to draft a divorce agreement or something. Oh, are you afraid I will not leave?

You don't have to think about it. I 've been suffering for half a lifetime? I often say that you are willful, don't understand things, play a child temper, I am hurting you, for your good, hope you can make progress, why can't you hear a good thing? Do I treat you badly? Do I not give you food or wear me for you? Our colleague, Mr. Li, and his daughter-in-law, rarely wear an azona from Shenzhen. They have a big nose and a bubble. You have changed your clothes for a week. Fan sizhe, Xiushui Street, is still unhappy, they only had a braised pork dinner for a month at the door of Liu's house. If our house had nothing to do, It would have filled the street and slipped into a small restaurant. The whole life was like this. What else do you want to do?

As you said: "I think the days with you are gone, and it becomes plain like water ......" Where did this start? It must have been bound to the world of TNT to engage in terrorist activities or carry a knife in his pocket to hijack Air China's planes .?

I know that I am not a person with interesting life, but my grandson, who is chasing you at the wedding day, has fun with him ., why didn't you go with him at that time? Oh, do you still think people like me have a sense of security? As you said, the fish you fish, the bear's paw is also yours, and that's when you want to come, I'm *** a fish or a bear's paw? What makes you fall into one person? What are the overage unmarried men and women eating in the street? Don't think that when I chase you, If you boast a few more words, that is, you will treat yourself as the seven fairies. tell you clearly, I am not really a fan of Dong yongthat.

When I first married you, I vowed to let you live a good life in which all of your female students envy your eyes. I also asked myself, I have been working hard for this goal. Although I haven't done it completely yet, at least so far you have been envious of the silly girls in your class, when I went back to the school celebration, I was very proud and did not think about it. I didn't rush out of the class yet. I went to the department, and you ran. I knew that, it shouldn't have caused you to break into this network. You just need to get on with the Internet. You just need to check some information to see. What chat room are you going? Oh, I think it's romantic to get in love with a bunch of movies when men and women meet each other online? However! Comrade he panpan, don't forget that you are already married to a person's master. At such a age, I am not so worried about your love with the young ones? The family is charming and vigorous, but what about you? In addition to this well-rounded white face, what else can you come up? A few days ago, when I saw you secretly surfing the Internet and getting stuck on the screen, I was a bit confused and failed to think about it. Before I started my investigation, you would have taken the first step. Just now, I took a look at your bookmark online. Who are they? The name is James. You still expect him to let you live like a person? Don't listen to what you say: "We need to love each other". Then the slimming board will know that it is not a lifelong owner. What's the white eyebrows? It's a leukemia patient, and it's still a blind stream. What are you talking about?
When a talented person plays mahjong, can he seek help? In this case, the group of members of the Chinese Emy of Social Sciences has never become a molt! In this case, it's nice to send it out. With such a group of people, you will be able to give up with endless smiles. You have really disappointed me.

What should I say to you? I love lesbian for 17 years. Continue to blame you? It will make you breathe in the air and forget the beautiful years we once had together, and then it's dark with your online friends. Or, I beg you to come back? I promise that I will not be busy with my work in the future. Will I talk to you every day? I cannot agree to that requirement. We have to survive.

Panpan, are you so proud? Willful for a lifetime? Who is the target? If you can grow into a palace snowflake, then you can do it in the form of CaO, stick to more than five pictures and pretend to be innocent girls, but after all, you are not a palace snowflake, and there is a fish-tail grain beside your right eye, you did not find it yourself? Don't talk about it. It's hard to calm down. I'm afraid I will get angry again. I will be back home later. If you see my post, don't go back. Don't call the House this evening and try again tomorrow. Now it's very cold in Beijing. People in the street are wearing cotton bracelets after the snow has just fallen out. I don't know which city you are in. I just packed up and found that you didn't carry a cotton jacket. If it's cold, let the guy buy some warm clothes for you. If he doesn't have the money, you will call me a cell phone and I will send it to you. Don't be ill. When it comes, you will be able to get yellow and thin, and I will not be able to tell you anything about it.

My son drank too much in the evening, and my son and I carried me back. My head hurts, so I didn't go to work. When I was asleep, you called me and told me that you were still alive. Why didn't the grandson sell it to you? As far as I know, there are so many people on the Internet who have opened small windows to pick up girls, and the girls have cheated on other places to sell them to farmers as children's daughter-in-law. You should be suffering from such a sin, it will make you feel the best of your work. What does Sun Tzu do to you? When I first met, I must be very polite. I cried and shouted, saying that I want to give you a lifetime of happiness? What kind of sour poems do I just read to you? As far as you are concerned with this little ambition, I can imagine the face strength of my grandson, the big eyes of the spirit of the water? Is the skin very white? If you look at your hand, if you don't have a child, it means that he is not working at home. If you want to do that, you should be more careful. If you don't have a hand, you should hurry back, if you look back and try again, you can be a nanny in Anhui. My daughter-in-law is a pain point, rather than a girl. Forget it. tell you that it's boring. What do you like? It's killing you.

By the way, how did you take all the VCDs of Faye Wong from the house? It's the document of others. I have to pay it back next week. I have never owed anything to others in my life, and it hurts you. Before I went on a business trip last week, seeing you listen to the first half of the road over and over again, I thought it was not very good. For a long time, Faye Wong turned you and ran it? In this case, the Ministry of Culture can still provide the batch number. How have the grandfathers who have seen money fall into this category? Wait a moment. I'll go to the kitchen and have a cup of tea. I'll be back soon. Well, I came back and said, I just went to the dreamer website and looked for the abandoned lyrics. "Do you have to cry, or simply bow your head to him, don't suppress the pain. Stunned, stunned, and stunned, love is nothing. Greed for happiness is a fall. You say that life is not for love. Don't get off your excuse. In the end, I don't know why. It doesn't matter if you leave the rest of the way. If you lose your freedom, how can you navigate the sky. If you give up halfway, you will never regret it. If you leave the road, you will talk about happiness and how hard you are ." What's wrong with you? After having been in love for more than ten years, do you think we are stunned? Sorry, I just said, I am busy because I want to maintain this home. Now I am seeing you here. I am really you ※※sorry, you are leaving home without hesitation, i'm glad to talk to you about happiness? Don't suppress the pain in your heart. If you're not pleasing to your eye, please scatter your child. However, you are quite determined to leave the road without leaving yourself. I figured it out. I was *** self-defeating, and I jumped in because I was so confused.

He panpan, you have something to say. Don't come back. I threw myself out and told my colleagues to laugh at me. *** your Dad scolded me and despised me all over the world. Isn't it just a daughter-in-law? According to my current family, let alone marry a daughter-in-law. Even if we have more than 10 rural children, I will tell you, our Organization's daughter-in-law is always watching us, and you'll be waiting for me to continue. You see, do you want to worry about me again? Do you want to say "your life has nothing to do with me? But comrade he panpan, don't forget, we haven't divorced yet! As long as I don't sign my divorce certificate one day, you won't be able to marry anyone in a day. Otherwise. you will have a bigamy and send you to the white Maoling tea collection site. When I drink ten teas a day, I will let you pick them up. You will be exhausted. The House has not come to the heating, the freezing is not good, just now the Calf Cramps, it hurts me. In the days to come, who should I look for to break my legs? I figured it out. I decided to marry a master who was repairing his feet in the bathroom. It would be better than you. However, there are specializations in the industry, and it's not always good to cook. I have to send my colleagues out to learn cooking skills. When it comes to it, I thought of it. I spent a lot of money to let you learn cooking, you don't seem to have learned anything except to cut a few dried flowers with carrots. Even a Chinese cabbage is sauteed, and you can't pour the MSG bottle into a pot. After spending more than two months in flower arrangement, it seems that only a few bamboo's carnations will be shown on the screen. I am so embarrassed to put them out. How can you be stupid? How can I look at you as a lazy, stupid girl? Problematic
Yes, I just saw you. Love is a difficult problem. It's fascinating. It's estimated that what I owe you in my previous life has to be paid back now. Wait for a while. It's a bit cold. I'll find a blanket and I'll be back soon.

Are you cold there? Today, our house is snowing again, and the snow is so heavy that the group of foreign children in the courtyard just jumped out. These eight-nation coalition forces are still very smart. They used snowballs to build a big snowman with no noses or eyes, just like their ancestors who came hundreds of years ago. When we were young, we used carrots as our noses and chopped coal as our eyes. Remember, when I was in my sophomore year, I added two big ones to the snowman you built. hey, you told the old teacher that I was playing a rogue game. I almost handled a warning. You looked at your embarrassment and started to harm me when you hit the children. I really want to go out and play with those children now, but I cannot do anything without you. If you are there, we can go downstairs together to scare the children, let's take the snowman as your own. I'll add two more Snowman to it than you do. it's up to you. Hope, I miss you. I really want. There was a big ice prism in front of the window, slim and sharp, like a steel knife hanging down in my heart. It cut me scarred and bloodshot. I broke it and threw it into the courtyard, however, the knife was still hanging in the heart, cut it all the time, and you could hear it with your eyes wide open. squeaking sound. Ah, what a painful understanding, you were my whole. Forget it. If you are so hard-hearted, even if I cry and bleed, you will not have any pity. Let me talk about you. Are you okay now? Are you still indulging in a short and intense happiness? Are you tired of getting together with that guy? Did you take the bright eyes of the thieves and put their eyes on others? Where did Sun Tzu earn his score? Writing a few letters will trick you into the big honey like flowers and jade. I knew it was so early that I caught someone who wrote a love letter. I hate it. When I go out to work in the afternoon, I may not go home for dinner. Don't worry about me. I will take your stomach medicine back with me. By the way, if you have time, you should call the original organization, or I will help you contact wenzi for a long sick leave. Don't go back to work for a long time before people can get rid of you, if you don't even have a labor protection service, you will have to stop. Remember to drink more boiling water, don't drink too much coffee, or call my cell phone.

Hey! Comrade he pan, are you still arrogant? Just now, Jack Ma gave me a cell phone and told me that you had complained to her by calling her, saying that I am going online to destroy you and saying that I am not doing anything? What do you mean by personnel? If I really want to destroy you, I will simply yell at your network name. What else can I say to you? I have worked so hard to get so many words, and I am crying again. What is my heart? One night's husband, wife, and Grace, don't look at the monk's face and look at the Buddha's face. It also has some influence on how you 've been mixing online for so long. I'll save you a face, but you don't want it, do you? How can you get this point of ignorance? Two, eight, three, and so on. Comrade he pan, can't you do anything with your mind? That's good for you. Otherwise, you can call me directly and tell me what you have to say. We should leave, and we should score the points. What should we do? But you can see things around here, where can I find you? I'm worried about you. You don't care. But if elders at home are worried, how can you tell them? What else do you want to bring so many clothes when you come back for two days? Is it hard for me to worry? Are you worthy of your own conscience? Gang ye Rong said that you have gone to Hainan. on such a cold day, why are you sure you want to go there? If I went there, how many more yards would you do? You can't swim either. The sea water is cold, dirty, and dirty. It's getting worse now. You can't say it's Duck. When can you do it? Let's take a bath together in Pattaya for the Chinese New Year. Don't you want to go, do you? Wait, don't close your post. Someone will ring the doorbell. I'll go out and check it out.

He panpan !! Not only are you greedy, but you are also lazy. Why are washing machines purchased at home used? You even sent out your pants to wash them? You have all the clothes in the closet. Are you going to dry-clean them? The guy from the laundry gave his clothes, a total of four hundred and fifty-two 8 hairs, all deducted from your pocket money this month. I used to be very nice to you. Okay, you can't find the north. What can I do with the four hundred RMB? Do you have to pretend that rich women are uncomfortable with yourself? Wait a moment and you will see the following: What is it about smoking? When my boyfriend leaves, she will be able to get through with sorrow and sorrow, you have learned something from others. But again, this girl is silly enough. It is basically a impotence for the master of Saint Laurent. What is the strength? Hurry up and tidy up and get married. Don't worry, what do you expect? I said you didn't let you marry me. I want you to learn about the gray spirit of others, no matter what
When you think about me and our family, you must cherish the past and cherish the happy world created by the two of us, cherish the Red Brand "five good families" that the neighborhood committee has given us.

I have been drinking for five hours, sleeping for five hours, and packing my room for five hours, typing? Can the reef be removed? I sat down for two and a half hours and thought about it for endless hours. People said: "If you have never lost, you do not know how to cherish Zeng.
Having ", I am deeply aware of this point. Panpan, you are the hardest part in my life, and our fate is involved, isn't it? In addition to a wardrobe of clothes, there is also a large row of martial arts books on the opposite wall. We have too many things that we cannot tell clearly. The House Book, the house deed, the electric appliance, the water heater, and the machine, how can we find out the beautiful memories of the past 17 years? Don't split it. We can only get stuck in this way. It's only clear when we're sitting in a rocking chair and shaking our fingers slowly, it's not too late to break up again at that time. What do you think? Panpan, I never realized the importance of communication and communication 20 hours ago, and I never knew how to spend my time maintaining this precious feeling that might last forever. In the future, I will try to turn myself into one that will make money and be able to accompany my daughter-in-law Hu
Model husband. In the past seventeen years, I have always thought that I have done a good job (of course, it is really good, you can't deny it, or else I will beat you, in, I hope to do better with your help. Yes, let us do better. Also, if you say that I have never told you that I love you for a long time, let me try my best and say, "comrade he panpan, I love you !!" Have you heard this? Don't be shy. If you hear it, just post it to me. I went out to buy food. I forgot to eat. I'm hungry.
You are good outside. You are not allowed to catch anyone and give your eye to anyone. wait for you to come back !!

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