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Ah, D injection Tool FAQ solutions:

Q: Ah D injection Tool What is the use, is not what Web sites and servers can invade, how I have not been able to enter the old test!

A: Injection tool is just a tool to detect injection vulnerabilities, if the site does not have this vulnerability will not be injected! General testing of the Web site to expand the ASP site (other extensions are also possible, as long as there is a problem with SQL injection), as the old test has not detected the available, Because now this loophole many sites have been patched, so no is very normal, and also want to say is, when you use this software in the use of destruction, you also do a good job of network police to find You "tea" psychological preparation!

Q: At the beginning of the software, "Current Library", "Multiline Execution", "Current Permissions", "Current User", How are empty!

A: To detect the injection will have the relevant display!

Q: Your software anti-virus old report poison, there is no upgrade version or no poison!

A: The software has been listed virus library, such as not at ease, please do not use! This issue, I have been explained, but there has been a problem, please let me go!

Q: I downloaded your blog "Dsqltools_v2.32_ Unlimited plate", but I run the prompt "You may not have the right access to this project", what is going on

A: Antivirus prohibits the software from running, please add the software to antivirus white list

Q: Brother D, your release of the software, whether it can provide the appropriate patch method, so that those who do not have the technology network management also know how to maintain, which is responsible for a country's cyber security

A: Baidu check "SQL injection prevention" or "ASP generic anti-injection code" can find the method and code of anti-injection.

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