Alexa trembled as soon as the webmaster danced.

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What's wrong with alexa ?! This is the most frequently received message on QQ in recent days.
I do not know the reason. In fact, I may not even know what happened to Alexa. Alexa also has search, and naturally it may also be dance. Maybe it has a better personality than Google.
Many people have been saying that Alexa's data can be referenced, but it can only be referenced. the reference value depends on your understanding of it, the more you understand the ranking mechanism of Alexa, the more you can fully evaluate the real value of Alexa.
Yesterday morning, I went to visit Hans, the person in charge of the China Region of AC Nielsen. I have learned a little about the data collection method of AC Nielsen, hans explained with a very professional expression that we understand why acnielsen only provides data collection services and does not share the upstream and downstream of this industry ?? When the observer participates in the game, it will change the rules of the game and make the game complicated. Similarly, Alexa has never ranked its websites globally.
What we get from Hans is that his deep understanding of Alexa is basically the same as what we get from the periphery. Hans even remembers that earlier versions of IE had embedded Alexa Code At that time, he himself was also convinced Alexa, because the latter was an enterprise invested by Microsoft, and the highest number of users had occupied 70% of the total number of Internet users. Of course, American Law eventually forces Microsoft to exit this attractive product model, while Alexa does not have the mandatory support of IE, and its influence is inevitable.
Today, foreign organizations seldom read Alexa's data. Why do Chinese webmasters care about Alexa and even study cheating methods?
To a large extent, this is because there is too much information asymmetry in the Internet industry in China.
Because we have long been afraid of the fraud capabilities of some websites, advertisers must need third-party data support before serving them to analyze the real value of the websites they cooperate, however, since Alexa was introduced to China by some people, the whole industry seems to have seen this life-saving straw, and advertisers began to talk about things on their websites with this data; internet labs have built their own website ranking system based on the ranking data of Alexa. Some people who specialize in the Internet are also paying attention to Alexa's data, we also use this data to compare different websites. Even domestic VC began to pay attention to Alexa data, and even some overseas VC would have to follow the customs.
In this way, Alexa quickly changed from a third-party traffic monitoring system that could not be used in foreign countries to an "industry standard" for the Internet in China. This is really a "charming ", alexa's localization was completed without a local organization or even a Chinese page. Should eBay Yahoo be so depressed?
However, AC Nielsen should come up to publicize more third-party data and do some good work for China's Internet industry. In this case, it is too much for those websites to do. Today, Alexa occasionally took a few dance steps, and the website began to feel uneasy. Think about it. What if people turn to the northeast Yangko?

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