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First, the basic commonly used shortcut phrase set thinking;

Second, the specific steps to set the shortcut phrase, how to modify, move location;

How to apply, import and export shortcut phrases

Below to give you a few examples to introduce, basic commonly used shortcut phrase set thinking, can use the place of course more than these, I believe we can extrapolate, flexible application. Please refer to:

1, someone came to "Wang" when we

It is important to design a greeting, which is to show your passion, or to show your profession. This can be based on their own language habits, the expression of the way to decide. For example, the following design of a netizen:

Hello! We specialize in the export of green packaging, pulp molding, paper support for the replacement of blister packaging, paper cups and other paper products, what can help you!

2. When the customer inquired about the product quality

can use: "This you rest assured that our product quality is fully assured that the raw materials from ..." (most customers may need to introduce the product situation.) Prepared in advance, do a quick phrase, you will not let us enter the same words every time!

3, the buyer asked after the issue of after-sale guarantee

Think about the consulting content that the other person may use frequently, then carry out the design, such as: "We promise you seven days unconditional return, one year warranty, specific you can look at our product introduction, there are written above," and so on, when the customer asked for after-sale guarantee, it can be the first time to send this phrase, so that customers rest assured.

4. At the end of the chat

Whether or not the other party to buy our products, to the conclusion is necessary, so that customers feel more intimate, for the next time to provide conditions. such as: "You want the goods we will send through the China Post, is expected to 7-14 days, please be patient oh." If you have any questions please feel free to contact XXXX (your mobile phone). Happy cooperation, welcome to visit again next time

Here to remind everyone, shortcut phrases are only auxiliary language, can not use shortcut phrases to replace our main answer, this will give others very blunt feeling!

"Specific steps to set a shortcut phrase"

Version of the fast phrase can be set up to 100, each article does not exceed 122 words. The steps for setting the specific:

1. Click on the Main Menu button, select the "System Settings" icon

Ali Wangwang Page

2, in the System Settings window, select the "Chat Settings" section of the "Automatic reply, shortcut phrase" button, and then click the "shortcut phrase", the following figure, if never added a shortcut phrase, click the "New" button:

Chat Settings page-1

3, enter the shortcut phrase you need to set the content, and then click Save, OK.

Chat Settings page-2

4, to determine the new shortcut phrase, it will be displayed in the corresponding window, as shown below.

Chat Settings page-3

We can do the new or modified operation according to our own needs.

"How to modify shortcut phrases, how to move Locations"

1. Follow the steps in the (above) article to enter the shortcut phrase Operation window. Click the "Modify" button, and in the newly opened window, correct the information you need.

Chat Settings page-1

2, in addition to the text can choose font, size, bold, italic and underlined. Now in the version of want to set the shortcut phrase, but also support the addition of Wang Wang expression function, so that their text language more vivid, more easily accepted by customers.

3, shortcut phrase If set more cases, some of the higher utilization rate of the phrase is ranked back, inconvenient to find, this time, we can use the mobile function, so that it ranked front. To do the following, select the phrase you want to move, and then choose to perform "Move Up" or "Move Down" action.

"How to apply a shortcut phrase"

When the shortcut phrase is set up, how to send to the customer? The specific operation is as follows:

1. In the dialogue window with customers, click on the "shortcut phrase" icon;

Ali Wangwang Window-1

2, the choice of their own need to send to the customer shortcut phrases, click on this phrase, you can appear in the Dialogue window page, such as, if the confirmation is correct, click the lower right corner to send, you can.

"How shortcut phrases are imported, exported"

A lot of good faith and Wang Wang customer service should be no stranger, is want want to the main account of the dozens of shortcut phrase a one is edited well, can not be other sub-account again a section of it, that wants to die heart have. Then, the humanized import and export service can help everyone! Here is the procedure:

1, click the export phrase, and then jump out a hint window, recommended in accordance with the recommended format, point to determine;

Chat Settings page-3

2, the system will jump out of a file Save prompt window, choose to save the location, modify the file name you want, and then save the point;

System page

3, after the successful export of the file, it will be shown as follows.

Export page

4, then, in the location of the file saved, there will be a "notepad" file:

Computer Desktop icons

5, hit their own needs to import shortcut phrase of the child account, and then or into the shortcut phrase platform, point "import", select the file just exported, and then press OK. After the import is complete, remember to point to the "application", "OK" or else the work in front is gone.

Make good use of Ali Wangwang shortcut phrases to make business help for your business.

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