Ali Wangwang How to set up a contact person and business service issues

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1, how to set the label navigation to the left of Wang Wang

Ali Wangwang to the left of the label navigation can be set by you, the specific settings are as follows:

About You page-1

1 You can click the menu in the top right corner of want to select the "System Settings" button

2 Select the "Label" button under "Personality Settings", as shown in the following figure

About You page-2

3 Select the default content to display

4) Click Default.

2, why the "Business Services" page is blank?

This behavior is generally related to browsers, make sure you have a IE6 browser installed on your computer, and try the following:

1, the mouse to the lower right corner of the computer to see the avatar above, click the left mouse button, pop-up dialog Point Countdown Fourth "system Settings", as shown

About You page-1

2, pop-up system settings box below, point to the left navigation bar basic settings inside the "general" or "common", the right side of the bottom of the "Automatic Detection (recommended) front of the hook to remove, as shown

About You page-2

3, the lower right corner of the "browse". Pop-up box point "My Computer" to the left, find "Local Disk C" as shown

Local Disk page-1

4, double-click "Local Disk C" Open as shown in the figure, find the "Program Files" folder, such as figure, double-click "Program Files"

Local Disk page-2

5, find "Inerent Explorer", double-click "Inerent Explorer" as shown

Local Disk page-3

6, find the blue letter "E IEXPLORE." EXE, double-click to open the IEXPLORE. EXE ", as shown in

Local Disk page-4

7, double click to open "IEXPLORE." EXE ", return to the System Settings page, click on the bottom right corner of the" Application "and then click" OK ", as shown

About You page-3

8, close all open pages, and then click on the "Business Services" on Wang Wang, please see if the problem has been restored.

3, how do I add Ali wangwang contact person?

Ali Wangwang Page-1

Click Next, in the filtered list of contacts, select the contact person, click the Add as Contact button:

Ali Wangwang Page-2

Select the group to which you want to categorize the contacts and click OK:

Ali Wangwang Page-3

The contact you add will receive a system message informing him that you have added him as a contact person.

Method Two, Accurate search: Enter each other member name search.

Select the type of account you want to search, enter your partner's name, click Next, and the following figure:

Ali Wangwang Page-4

Other action steps are the same as method one.

Method Three, Fuzzy lookup: According to the name you entered, attention to information for Fuzzy Lookup.

Enter the name of the other person or the attention information, and click Next button:

Ali Wangwang Page-5

Other action steps are the same as method one.

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