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Generally speaking, we webmaster in the selection of overseas host, VPS servers and other products, especially when the non-universal panel needs to use the Chinese tutorial, if the Chinese panel is basically we even from top to bottom, from left to right one after another should also be able to find the problem to be solved, So in the old left blog does not share a lot of domestic host panel teaching content. For example, many domestic businesses have launched the cloud host products are basically original (may be plagiarism) of the panel, many of our users in the use of the time is really unable to find a solution to the button where (there are really many beginners this).

This is not just the old left on the beginning of a Aliyun ECS (bought for one months, the intention is to share common tutorial applications to see if there are common problems), so for the ECS Server Panel Basic application of a little bit of a practical document, for veteran users may be too simplistic, But for beginners may really allow to solve some problems and save time, so Mo blame the old left of the plain and the dispatch?? Long?/div>

For the new purchase of Aliyun server ECS, this I have previously in the "ARI Server ECS purchase process and the VPS panel and experience Speed performance evaluation" in the article has been more detailed sharing, here will not repeat. This article focuses on common ECS servers when panel applications, including reload system OS change and selection, root password reset, upgrade and downgrade scheme, snapshot backup and rollback recovery, etc.

First, Aliyun ECS reload System Select OS

This problem we will certainly use frequently, because when buying the host the choice of OS may not be what we need, and because of system installation errors or other problems we would like to reinstall the system, here will need to select the System OS Installation.

1. Close current system

If you want to replace and reload the system, you must first pause the currently running system.

2. Select New System Installation

After pausing the current system and waiting to run, see that the status is "stopped" and then select the reload system behind the current page.

Here we can see that the image above shows that replacing the system disk is to select the new/other OS system for installation, or we want the current OS to reload, and click on the reinitialization disk above.

Here we can directly from the mirror to select the desired system OS, and then set the new root login password, the installation will only take less than a minute, and then we can directly login with the new root information ssh, If the Windows system requires more than 1GB of our ECS to be available in the Windows system, we will not be able to see the options.

Second, Aliyun ECS Server snapshot backup and rollback recovery data

Most of our users are from the virtual host over to the use of VPS, cloud host, must know the importance of Web site data, in the use of virtual host when we may rely on the regular backup of the host, basically reliable service providers will help us back up, even if we use the Cloud host era, In theory, the service providers will also have to help back up, but really lost after the need to retrieve or restore the data is still more difficult, after all, not for one of our VPS backup, most of the time we need to back up their own web site or server snapshot backup.

Like many service providers, Aliyun ECS has a quick snapshot backup, the current snapshot backup is free, and old-left has seen the current daily help us to automatically snapshot backup once. The so-called snapshot backup is to include our environment and data backup, if the server operation error or the site data need to restore, directly can all the System Restore the function.

1. Set up a customized snapshot backup strategy

The theory will automatically help us back up once a day, but if we get a special change, we'll back it up manually.

The default is to turn on the automatic snapshot backup policy, we can see the above, in the upper right corner, "Set automatic snapshot Policy," Set the time period we need to automatically back up. Old left remember before can also manually snapshot backup, as if this is canceled, at least I did not find. We can set the label according to the snapshot of the custom backup, so that we can see clearly what the backup of the setup is.

2. Snapshot rollback Restore data

We can base the snapshot back to the label, and then choose to roll back the disk, throughout the rollback process, we have to suspend the current operation, and then click the rollback disk, if we have a data disk can select a data disk or system disk.

PS: If we are a Web site project, although the snapshot backup is good, but he is backed up with the environment, the data of the separate migration is not easy to control, so we also need to make regular separate site files and database backup Local.

Third, upgrade, downgrade configuration scenarios

Depending on the needs of our project, we can basically buy a basic solution in the initial phase, but as the project progresses, we may need to upgrade the configuration scheme, or our original estimate of the configuration is too high, and now it is also possible to demote cost-saving operations.

We see the "blending" (too inconspicuous) of the graph on the current server, which is used to upgrade and demote the configuration.

1. Upgrade Scheme configuration

See above, we choose to upgrade the configuration, we can upgrade the CPU core and memory.

If you need to upgrade the loan, you need to see the second of the graph, bandwidth upgrades.

We can also specify a flexible change in the starting and ending times of the bandwidth upgrade.

2. Downgrade configuration scheme

Choose to renew the downgrade, this is not immediately effective, need to be in the next bill billing for settlement demotion. We can adjust bandwidth, CPU, memory, and so on.

Summary, through the above 3 commonly used panels introduced, basically covers to the function we need, other common functions we can view in the panel, at least we know Chinese it, diligent a little slowly look, Chinese are not understand, that is not to say to buy overseas server. Of course, with the expansion of Aliyun products, features and panels will be richer, we can also try to view and use the back of other functions, such as Yun Dun, cloud monitoring, cloud analysis, and even now the million network and come over can also buy domain names.

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