American Mito to make the ordinary photos into the fashion star Fan cover processing course

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To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the ordinary photos into a fashion star fan cover of the processing of the course.
Tutorial Sharing:

Figure 1
Fix the dim of the original piece, plus the proper beautification, a CD cover will be fresh out of the oven! Like to hurry to learn it:
1, in the "Beauty Mito" software to open the photos to be processed, first into the "Beauty" menu click on "Thin face thin body-partial slimming", adjust the size of the brush appropriate thin face thin arms.

Figure 2
2, then enter the "Landscaping" menu, click on the "Portrait" category to choose transparency of 50% of the "natural bright white", 20% "po-color" and "Ningxia", 15% "purple fantasy" special effects, and two times the use of 100% "pink beauty" special effects. and adjust the hue slightly green yellow, easy to complete the screen color.

US Mito Tutorial Figure 3
3, and then return to the "Landscaping" menu click on the "skin-local grinding", increase the brush intensity smear the background of the blur. Click on the "Integral grinding skin", the use of mild ordinary grinding skin to reduce noise.

Figure 4
4, return to the "Landscaping" menu, click the "Crop" button, the photo redundant part of the cut. And in the "foundation" category under the use of two transparency of 100% and 70% "sharpening" effects to enhance the picture clarity.

Figure 5
5, into the "Jewelry" menu click on "Colorful Watermark" category, add the appropriate material. and adjust the material size, angle and transparency for creative effect design.

Figure 6
6, return to the "landscaping" menu, slightly higher contrast and color saturation. and choose the transparency of 40% "foundation-Go Fog" special effects.

Figure 7
7, finally into the "Puzzle" menu, select "Free Puzzle", add the appropriate size of the white background. Then click on "Text-input static text" To add text content, you need the effect of personalized typesetting can be edited separately. Done!

Figure 8
Well, the above information is small set to the United States and the Mito of this software users brought to the details of the ordinary photos to create a fashion star fan cover of the processing of the entire content of the share, you see the users here, after the appropriate landscaping, an ordinary photo will be able to face the fashion star cover, Then you go to follow the small series of tutorials yourself to try to deal with their own photos of fashion effects bar.

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