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Apple, which is known as an artist, has a remarkable big bang every time. At the end of last month, Apple released its own operating system, code-named Leopard's Mac OS X V10.5. The 42 issue of the 27 edition of the report, and boldly predicted: Because Apple uses the X86 architecture, so its operating system landing ordinary computer is only a matter of time. Experts all over the world are naturally sharpening, in its official listing the day after the success of its crack, with a few patch files can let leopard installed to ordinary computers. Here, we quickly come to a taste, this is known to be comparable with Vista operating system is what?

Where is the apple leopard from?

Long before the official release of LEOPARD, the Internet appeared to apple.mac.osx.leopard.v10.5.iso-osx for the name of the package, which is to crack the organization's consistent naming method, the installation package has 6 g of the giant, need to use D9 DVD burning disk can be installed. And a week later, a variety of cracked patches appear, there are special for the CPU SSE2 instruction set toh crack version, there will be the installation disk after the streamlining of the D5 version, and even a team simply provide crack, capacity is just the installation of ISO, convenient for those who do not want to crack the "lazy person." Interested readers may wish to pay attention to this post to understand the latest trends.

First 15 minutes, the pre-read process under the character interface

Users who have been shut out of Vista's harsh hardware requirements are now blessed because the more beautiful leopard is not too expensive for hardware. For PC users, as long as you are using the Intel system platform and equipped with more than 512M of memory and 9G of hard disk space, you can experience the charm of leopard. The author is the use of Intel p4+512m memory +40g HDD nvidia TNT2 graphics card complete the entire Leopard experience process.

As with Windows installation, the Leopard installation is started when the BIOS is set to reboot from the CD-ROM drive. First is the DOS window mode dense file loading information (Figure 1), occasionally there will be failed or error words appear and temporarily stuck, do not worry about it to continue to wait. After more than 10 minutes, the real Installation interface finally appeared (Figure 2).

Figure 1 See the full screen of characters don't be afraid, just wait a minute.

Figure 2 This is the Leopard graphical installation interface

Hint: In this installation process will often appear false panic, but generally in a few minutes after waiting for normal skip. And in our installation process or encountered a real crash phenomenon, the system stay in localhost Mdnsresponder [48] ... A row can not be skipped, after a multi-party query we will disable the NIC to resolve, so if you encounter a similar crash in the installation process may wish to disable the network card or sound card and then try again, may solve the problem can not be installed.


After 45 minutes, follow the steps in the graphical interface

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