Analysis of effect data after CATIA using LMT Licmanager system

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analysis of effect data after CATIA using LMT Licmanager system

CATIA is an abbreviation for English computer Aided tri-dimensional Interface application. is one of the world's mainstream Cad/cae/cam integration software. In the 70 's Dassault Aviation became the first user and CATIA was born. From 1982 to 1988, CATIA has released version 1, 2, 3, and released the powerful 4 version in 1993, and now CATIA software is divided into the V4 version and the V5 version of the two series. The V4 version applies to UNIX platforms, and the V5 version is applied to UNIX and Windows two platforms. The development of the V5 version began in 1994. In order to make the software easy to learn and use, Dassault System began to re-develop the new CATIA V5 version in 94, the new V5 version has a more user-friendly interface, is increasingly powerful, and has pioneered a new style of Cad/cae/cam software.

France Dassault Aviation is a world-renowned aerospace enterprise. Its products are most famous for Phantom 2000 and Gust fighter. CATIA's product developer Dassault System was established in 1981. Today, its leadership in the field of Cad/cae/cam and PDM has gained worldwide recognition. Its sales profit rose from the first 1 million dollars to the current nearly 2 billion dollars. The number of employees has grown from 20 to more than 2,000 people.

CATIA is the Cad/cae/cam integration software of Dassault System of France, the leading position in the World Cad/cae/cam field, widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, consumer goods industry, Its integrated solutions cover all aspects of product design and manufacturing, and its unique DMU electronic prototyping module and hybrid modeling technology are driving the enterprise's competitiveness and productivity. CATIA offers a convenient solution that caters to the needs of large, medium and small businesses in all industrial sectors. Including: From the large Boeing 747 aircraft, rocket engine to cosmetic packaging, almost all of the manufacturing products. More than 13,000 of users in the world have chosen CATIA. CATIA originates in the aerospace industry, but its powerful features are recognised in the industry and have become a de facto standard in the European automotive industry. CATIA's well-known users include Boeing, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes and a large number of famous enterprises. Its user base has a pivotal position in the world manufacturing industry. Using CATIA to complete the entire Boeing 777 electronics assembly, Boeing aircraft has created a miracle in the industry and has also identified CATIA as a leading position in the Cad/cae/cam industry.

The CATIA V5 version is the culmination of a long history of IBM and Dassault Systèmes ' services for the digital enterprise. The CATIA V5 version of the system architecture designed around the concept of digital products and e-commerce integration can create a working environment for the digital enterprise for the entire product development process. In this environment, all aspects of the product development process can be simulated and electronic communication between engineering and non-engineering personnel is achieved. The entire product development process includes conceptual design, detailed design, engineering analysis, product definition and manufacturing, and the use and maintenance of finished products throughout the life cycle.

CATIA V5 Version Features:

1. Re-structured next-generation architecture

To ensure the development of the CATIA product line, CATIA V5 's new architecture is designed to break through traditional design technologies, adopting a next-generation technology and standards that can quickly adapt to the business development needs of the enterprise, giving customers a greater competitive advantage.

2. Support the scalability of different application levels

CATIA V5 provides a flexible combination of development processes, features, and hardware platforms to configure the most logical solution for every professional member in the product development chain. Allows any configured solution to meet the needs of the smallest supplier to the largest multinational company.

3. Independence from the NT and UNIX hardware platforms

CATIA V5 is developed on the Windows NT Platform and UNIX platforms and has unified data, functionality, release date, operating environment, and application support on all supported hardware platforms. The application of CATIA V5 on the Windows platform makes it easier for designers to share data with Office applications, while the NT-style user interface on UNIX platforms enables users to efficiently handle complex tasks on UNIX platforms.

4. Capture and re-use of specialized knowledge

CATIA V5 combines the benefits of explicit knowledge rules to interactively capture design intent during the design process, defining product performance and changes. Implicit experience knowledge becomes explicit specialized knowledge, which improves the automation degree of design and reduces the risk of design error.

5. Smooth upgrade to existing customers

CATIA V4 and V5 are compatible, and both systems can be used in parallel. For existing CATIA V4 users, V5 is leading them into the NT world. For new CATIA V5 customers, a complete product development environment can be formed by leveraging CATIA V4 's proven, follow-on application offerings.

Analysis of the monitoring effect of LMT Licmanager system on CATIA:

Lehman's LMT Licmanager license monitoring and management system was developed in accordance with Dassault Systèmes ' CATIA Software's license features and is compatible with various versions of CATIA.

The LMT Licmanager system can monitor the CATIA Software license globally, including the connection data of its license server and the normal of the server's native information, IP and external communication, and then, monitoring license use, return, renewal, authorization and other use methods , the recorded data is saved in the server database. The historical data in the database is accurately displayed in the Web interface, where it is possible to estimate the usage of the functional modules of the license, the trend of usage, and the future allocation scheme.

Licmanager system for monitoring the acquisition of large data classification, from time, work time zone, user, Department, departments, project groups, software, software function module, usage, average usage, maximum/minimum, absolute use, total number of people and other classified items to effectively deal with the data, It also obtains the optimization of the license use scheme of history, current and future, and achieves the optimal use of CATIA license.

The following series are the results of monitoring statistics for Leymant customers using the LMT Licmanager system:

First, the use of the license:

" use of the HD2 module in the Dassault Systemes during the 20140801-20140815 period "

"in rank of user using HD2 module in 20140801-20140815 period "

Second, the use of specific software analysis:

" use of the HD2 module in the Dassault systemes software for 201408 months "

" The use of the HD2 module in the Dassault Systemes software for the day 20140804 "

"The use trend of HD2 modules in Dassault systemes software in the 201408 months"

Third, the group of users use analysis:

" Dassault Systemes's HD2 module in the 201408 months ' BB Group ' and ' admin Group ' usage "

"Dassault Systemes's HD2 module in the 201408 month ' BB Group ' and ' admin Group ' usage data graph"

Four, the function module uses the trend analysis:

"Dassault Systemes's HD2 module usage data for the 201408 month period"

" trend of maximum utilization of the HD2 module of the Dassault Systemes in the 201408 month period "

"The trend of average usage for the HD2 module of the Dassault systemes in 201408 months"

V. Conclusion:

LMT Licmanager Software License monitoring system for the use of software function module of the overall monitoring and management, and record the required application data. In the data analysis provided by the Licmanager system, the manager can understand the use of the SOFTWARE function module in time, understand the usage peak period of the Software function module in the day, master a specific user's usage of the SOFTWARE function module, and estimate the usage trend of the Function module license. Through the understanding of the actual use of license, we can make a favorable resource allocation strategy for the future in its use management mode, in order to maximize the resource utilization and minimize the cost.

Analysis of performance data after CATIA uses LMT Licmanager system

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