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If you only modify the content of a module, but execute make every time, the last wait is a long time.
To compile a module, you only need to execute mm in the directory or its subdirectory of your module to compile a separate APK!
1) Open ~ /Add the. baserc file to the source ~ /I850/build/envsetup. Sh. Add the path of your own file. This removes the need to reference this file before executing the MM command every time you start a new terminal.
2) After completing step 1, you can execute mm in your module at will. To use other quick commands, you can view envsetup. sh files, such as cgrep, jgrep, and resgrep, are queried in different types of files. And M, mmm, etc.
3) You can also use ADB push to push your APK to the simulator or mobile terminal, or generate a new system. img in the project root directory through make-Snod.



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Compilation Module

An app in android can be compiled separately. After compilation, system. IMG needs to be regenerated.
Run in the android directory
$. Build/envsetup. Sh or
$ Source build/envsetup. sh:

-Croot: Changes directory to the top of the tree.
-M: makes from the top of the tree.
-Mm: builds all of the modules in the current directory.
-Mmm: builds all of the modules in the supplied directories.
-Cgrep: greps on all local C/C ++ files.
-Jgrep: greps on all local java files.
-Resgrep: greps on all local Res/*. XML files.
-Godir: Go to the directory containing a file.
-Printconfig: configuration of the current build.
You can use -- help to view the usage.
For example, after modifying a module, you can use $ Mmm <directory> to recompile all the modules in the <directory> and use $ mm to compile all the modules in the current directory.
After editing, you can use $ make Snod to regenerate system. IMG after modifying the Android system.

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