Another round of real estate policy has begun. Are you ready?

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The Central Bank released the "August 15, 2005 China real estate finance report" in 2004, which should be a comprehensive analysis of the overall trend of real estate in China over the past year, using data analysis: the cumulative growth rate of Chinese real estate investment over the same period, the growth rate of commercial housing and residential finished area, the relationship between supply and demand of commercial housing, the price index of commercial housing and residential sales over the same period in the quarter, the foreign investment ratio, and the land sale price the development of real estate finance.


Shortly after the report was published, the Central Bank suggested that the house pre-sale system should be abolished to implement tax rebates for house purchases. The pre-sale system of houses is often heard of the fried buildings. Through the pre-sale of houses, developers can enjoy a huge free cake and buy reinforced cement with the money of buyers. Yesterday, the news reported that more than 55% of developers' funds come from bank loans. Haha, this data is believed to be clear to all the people working in the bank, and it is likely that this number is more than enough. Once the data is made public, the bank will be afraid, but the bank is a national institution and can take measures to take care of it. In the end, I am afraid we are the most pitiful developer.


The re-shuffling of the real estate market is a historical necessity. The word JS has long been transferred from the IT hardware industry to the real estate industry. Big fish eat small fish, light rain eat shrimp, shrimp eat dirt, this is a natural phenomenon, but also a social phenomenon.


The property market in Shanghai is losing its fundamentals, and the "slump" is about to expand. Xie guozhong is quoted as saying: "Once foreign investment is withdrawn from China, the real estate bubble will burst. I don't think this prediction applies to China, but it definitely applies to Shanghai. "I think this is caused by foreign investment. Our d jobs have never been too late, I hope there are no exceptions this time, and the people will thank you.

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