Application Ideas of Web extraction and Web Crawler

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In the past, a simple Automatic Network Information sorting tool was developed. In fact, it is to port a crawler in Linux to Windows and add the automatic sorting function. However, the intelligence of Automatic SortingAlgorithmI have never achieved the desired results. I really admire Google's "webpage-like" function. Unfortunately, no link can be opened, which is strange, the obvious mistake is that Google does not care for so many years!

Since Sina began to promote its Vivi network extraction, it seems more practical for users to sort their own information. (I do the imitation show: http://BL.6688.COM)

After obtaining accurate sorting information, more information mining work can be done! A basket of derivative applications is generated! For example, the analysis of the product information that users are interested in and the transfer of customer concerns... (especially with RSS tracking)

Unfortunately, no boss is interested in my development plan.
Very realistic, I cannot afford to start a business hungry.

I really don't want to leave my time in the ordinary database operation "development ......

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