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With the progress of science and technology today, modern scientific and technological means are ubiquitous in our daily life and work. The development of communication, network and computer technology brings unprecedented opportunity and development to higher education nowadays. Both in colleges and universities, in their management, office, teaching links and other aspects of the application, have played an irreplaceable role. Tianjin Medical College is a high vocational school of Medicine, which differs from other universities in management and teaching, and has its own uniqueness. The advent of the information age has also provided a good opportunity for the development of the school, with the help of network and computer technology, the management of all aspects of school has initially entered the network management mode, and gradually set up a digital campus. The author discusses the application of teaching platform and office automation management system in school.

The application of teaching platform

For the training of talents, 21st century requires the school to cultivate a high quality and high-level talents who can adapt to the market economy and social development, and have the constant renewal of self knowledge and certain creativity.

1. Traditional Models

In the past, the teaching model was taught by teachers with Blackboard and chalk, which is all in the form of teacher instruction. Students can not digest the knowledge in class, only rely on their own study, after class and with his classmates to discuss or wait until the answer to the teacher to consult. In this way in the teaching process, because some students are not so inquisitive, or not active consciously, resulting in the knowledge of cattle learning is always so-so. Knowledge learning is not solid This is also the traditional teaching model brings some drawbacks.

At the same time, for medical colleges and universities, students ' contact knowledge and information are very large, and the real time is very strong. For example: An operation process, a case study of illness, only by teachers in a classroom only 45 minutes and difficult to explain clearly, this is bound to the student letter of the urgent amount of acquisition, and access to information real-time.

At present, although some schools have set up a multi-media classroom, but the independent multimedia classrooms do not use the support of the network, teaching forms are still the main teacher lectures.

2. Modern teaching Model

In order to meet the needs of the high quality and innovative talents in the 21st century, it is necessary to create an autonomous learning environment for students under the guidance of teachers. Modern educational technology provides the necessary technical means for the reform of teaching mode, that is, through the network of teaching.

With the improvement of network infrastructure, the wide application of computer and network technology, the increasing number of Internet and the expansion of Internet, the development of network teaching is also advancing by leaps and bounds, and widely used in universities. But this article is not the well-known distance education, but similar and not exactly the same teaching new form---network teaching. Network teaching, like distance education, must rely on the network foundation that the school has already built, but the network teaching is different from the traditional teaching way because of the distance education. The network teaching, which is based on the network technology as a new learning environment, is a new teaching form with the combination of the traditional education and the network teaching, which is the independent learning initiative of the students, and explores the purpose of learning. The organizing activities of network teaching should be embodied not only in the traditional classroom but also in the network. As a new teaching means, network teaching makes full use of the latest computer technology, network technology, multimedia technology, etc., so that teaching can not be limited by time and space, and has great flexibility and interactivity. At the same time, network teaching also makes the display of teaching materials more flexible, image and vivid.

The process of developing network teaching

In the course of carrying out network teaching, our school mainly follows the following steps:

1. Platform Construction

Network teaching platform is an important part of the network teaching environment, is the carrier of resources and teaching activities, including the software system and server such as network teaching support, as well as various tools to support the online teaching.

In the process of the Ministry of Education to promote the selection of national fine courses, we take this as an opportunity to introduce a quality platform management system. Because the selection work by the relevant experts through the network assessment, to pieces of school in the submission of the curriculum, for these courses site construction work, always submit a door, build a door. As a result of the same work of repeated development, this not only caused the waste of human resources, and the target is not conducive to the development of school teaching resources and promotion. In the course of teaching can not only be to choose quality courses and create high-quality products, but the door courses should be done according to the standards of fine courses, in order to improve the teaching quality of teachers, students knowledge of the quantity. Therefore, we are guided by the belief that the door courses are "boutique", to examine the actual running effect of the fine class platform of many colleges and universities, and to introduce the management system of the fine class platform.

2. Resource Building

The abundant information resources is the important characteristic of the network teaching, the resources include material, handout, courseware, teaching plan, practice operation, video on-demand and so on a series of course related material. Teachers use the platform to upload and download lecture notes, publish all information about the course to the TOC of the course, and manage the course on a column-day. At the same time, the Platform provides forum functions for students and teachers to form an interactive platform under the class.

3. Service Support

The service here is broad, first of all, teachers should guide students ' learning: in class, teachers not only use the relevant teaching resources of the platform, but also show students how to register for the course, watch the teaching video online, download the lecture, outline, ask questions and answer in the forum. Second, the relevant technical personnel to provide technical services, such as the network teaching platform operation, maintenance, as well as the annual training of teachers. In response to the functional requirements in the running process, release the upgraded version to meet the teaching needs.

It can be said that platform, resources and services constitute the three elements of network teaching: two platform is the prerequisite, resources are the basis, service is the guarantee. There is no network teaching platform there is no network teaching, platform is to embody the network teaching characteristics of the important reliance, no resources network teaching will become source, can not give full play to the advantages of network teaching, only the active participation of people, can give full play to the advantages of technology, can truly guarantee the success of network teaching Through the use of the platform in the past two years, we have been greatly improved in teaching quality and students ' autonomous learning.

But in teaching, our efforts are still far from enough, we have a lot of ideas have not been achieved, which require us to gradually examine and implement. In the video on demand, combined with the characteristics of medical schools, we have to establish a more extensive network with the hospital teaching, to achieve the operation of synchronous live, can enable students to contact more real-time surgery examples to improve their knowledge.

Application of office automation

In the information construction, the hardware environment (including network and server system) and software system need to be coordinated construction, the hardware environment construction can be moderately advanced, but not too luxurious, the construction and application of software system should be followed up in time, so as to give full play to the role of informatization.

Office automation is the use of internet/intranet technology, based on the concept of workflow, so that the school staff to easily and quickly share information, efficient work together; To change the past complex, inefficient manual office, to achieve rapid, all-round information collection, processing, Provide scientific basis for the management and decision-making of the school. The degree to which the school realizes the office automation is also the standard that measures its modernized management.

For computers that have not yet networked, the use of MS Office series, WPS series and other applications is now improving the efficiency of individual office. For the units that have been connected to the Internet and have not set up intranet networks, the communication of internal personnel is often based on the services provided by the public network, which can only communicate information by e-mail, and the realization of collaborative work is very limited, and the dependence on the public network is too strong. But has established the intranet Network unit, uses the office automation system, can better support the information sharing and the cooperation work, can realize the scientific management and the decision-making.

Due to the expansion of the school, office space dispersed, the past office management process has gradually shown the drawbacks. Communications between the various departments have not been able to communicate in a timely manner to each department as in the original, but also caused a great waste of personnel and material. Based on our existing campus network structure scale, office automation is the inevitable trend of school management and office management.

The implementation of office automation brings us the benefit will be very obvious and direct, not only can make full use of hardware resources, enhance software applications and information services, and in many ways have a positive impact and significant benefits. The computer application knowledge of the office staff is popularized and the information level is improved. Save Manpower (document collation, search, statistics, etc.), material (paper and other office supplies), time (press release, document approval, etc.), Space (video conference held, etc.). Improve the efficiency and management level, enhance the ability of organization and cooperation work. My school office automation platform, Integrated bulletin, official documents (input, pulled over), letters, statements, file access, work plan, and several major functions, greatly expanded the school staff work together and exchange channels.

In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of office automation, the school first set up a leading group of office automation work, led by the school leadership Misting this work. Through the attention of everyone, unified implementation, to promote the office of our school automation construction continue to advance. At the same time do a good job at all levels of office staff computer basic operation and office automation system application training. Continuously improve the overall quality of all staff to ensure the healthy development of our school information.

But we also have problems in the implementation process, the application ability is not high, the idea is not adapt to the traditional mode of work, security concerns, etc., obviously restricts the application level of office automation system. The key of information construction is application. To make full use of the hardware foundation, the traditional operation mode is upgraded to the information operation mode. Strengthen personnel training, improve the full use of modern information technology capacity and level, improve and integrate existing resources, enhance its function and role, actively develop and promote the management system.

For higher vocational colleges, there is still a lot of work to be done in the construction of digital campus, we can not regard the information process as technical problems and application problems. Digital Campus Construction is a gradual process, to be forward-looking, in the continuous experience based on the focus on the power and advantages of the system. Speeding up the process of education informationization construction plays a positive role in improving the working efficiency and the modernized level of teaching management and constructing digital campus. The goal of digital campus construction is still far, but the digital campus is the inevitable trend of the development of educational informatization. So we take the overall plan in the school application construction, the principle of step-by-step implementation, in the overall design of the digital campus planning all the applications, at the same time according to the school's specific situation and application of practical steps, modules to implement the construction of the application system, to ensure that in the construction process to make the Network Foundation, application Platform, The construction of information resources and the construction of informatization and related systems are developing synchronously.

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