Application of Sybase Data warehousing solution in Guizhou Telecom

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With the gradual opening of the telecom market, the emerging operators continue to produce, telecommunications market competition is increasingly fierce. On the one hand, in order to survive and sustainable development in the competition, the telecom operators have put forward higher requirements for the operation and management of the enterprise. On the other hand, the Computer Management system established by telecom operators to support all kinds of business operations has been unable to meet the needs of business management, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of enterprise management because of its single function. Relatively fixed statements can not keep up with the changes in the market situation; The huge database system cannot produce enterprise knowledge effectively. Telecom enterprises urgently need to find a new management support means, so that managers can timely and accurate understanding of market competition, business development and resource use, in order to identify problems and solve problems in time, this is the value of the Telecommunications business Analysis system.

Through the construction of business analysis system, telecom enterprises can finally realize the quantitative closed loop modern management method based on Computer Management system. That is, by the management of the policy, the production departments according to the management policy to organize business management, and the relevant feedback to management, management analysis of feedback information, policy adjustment, so as to complete the business management of the closed loop.

Thoughts on the construction of Guizhou Telecom Management Analysis System

How to carry out the construction of telecom operation Analysis System?

First, there is a need to determine the route and approach to construction. In this regard, Guizhou Telecom has a set of ideas, in order to effectively deal with the future drastic changes in the market, data concentration is very critical, centralized data to provide the overall view of the whole province, is the basis for global decision-making. Therefore, as a part of the Integrated business Management system, the Operation analysis system is also constructed according to the centralized mode of the province. The provincial concentration mode refers to "one level platform, two level application". "First level platform" namely establishes the unified software and hardware platform at the provincial level, carries on the centralized unified management to the province data, simultaneously establishes the corresponding disaster tolerance system; "Level two application" is the system application, the establishment of the provincial Center and the local network level two application mode. Local servers and terminals are configured on demand, depending on the size and functionality of the network. The data of customer data, resources and so on of the state and the transmission between the main system and disaster tolerance system are realized through the DCN network of Guizhou Telecom.

Secondly, we need to determine the technical route of adoption. After examining many data Warehouse products, Guizhou Telecom considering the excellent characteristics of Sybase products and the rich operation in the data warehouse industry, such as: Guangdong Telecom Operation Analysis System, Dapeng Securities Data Warehouse project, national railway ticketing system, China Merchants Bank Data Warehouse Project, Societe Generale securities Data Warehouse system; Finally, we chose the overall complete solution that Sybase provided.

The Sybase Business Intelligence Scheme adopted

According to the requirements of the integrated business system of Guizhou Telecom, Sybase and Chuang-Zhi Technology proposed the Decision support system solution with centralized data warehouse. The decision analysis system collects the required data from each business system, and after finishing the transformation, it is used by the decision analysis system.

The implementation of data warehouse is a rather complicated process, which mainly includes five parts: Data Warehouse design modeling, data transformation and integration, data storage and management, data analysis and presentation, and Data Warehouse maintenance and management.

Sybase provides a complete set of packages covering the entire Data Warehouse lifecycle: Warehouse Studio, which includes data warehousing modeling, data integration and transformation, data storage and management, metadata management, and data visualization analysis. The following explains how we combine Sybase's products to do data warehouse design and development.

Product Logic Configuration Diagram

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