As a network operators should really "low-key people, high-profile work" it?

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Once upon a while, I also feel that "low-key person, high-profile work" is suitable for any one of the network maintenance people.

However, is there anyone who has encountered this situation:

When you kindly advise others to re-install the system, he used a scornful expression to you, mouth out a word: you will only reload!

When you find the Trojan, good frost the other side after the installation of software, download files to distinguish the bad, the other side to a sentence: you say that the alarmist oh, the world where there are so many hackers!

When you have worked hard to make an article published site, to the user to publish the account, the other side said to you: "Why, come, I will word documents to you, the pictures are in the Word document, you use my account to help me publish it!"

Similarly, make a website, publish the page with the Visual page Editor, but there are users do not know the text and graphics are themselves in the page editor free typesetting, think that you should use a page of Dreamweaver design, or even a sentence: is the university graduate computer personnel can not do a page like this?! (Meaning of text and graphics)

When you installed on the hundreds of LAN Remote Assistance software, when the need to start, the other side said do not know what the software, has been uninstalled ...

Such questions, are you very heart-stuffed? What about the trust between people? Verbally address you as an expert, actually when you are an electrician, mechanic, video (such as the process of filming activities), plug the line guy ...

By the way, an "information system" is said to be your business, you say our technical support, he said "who do not use these systems ah", you say that these systems involve personnel or assets, not suitable for their own operation, he said, "I provide the data to you, you enter faster than I ..."

Perhaps you can afterwards self-comfort, is they do not understand, I stand on the hill, reading the virtual machine, big data, Pyhton, what do they know?!

However, they are at the bottom of the mountain, playing with mobile phones, but also smiled and said: "You look at that stupid OPS personnel, even 360 cloud disk do not understand, even the text mixed pages will not do, or say what give me an account of their own release information?" I'm free to play with my own circle of friends ... "

"By the way, the last time I asked him to change the publication of the public number, he actually lied to me that he could not modify only the deleted?! "I don't know what a rocking-fast biography is."

So "high-profile work" for the operation and maintenance personnel is too difficult, because you high-profile, but others in the eyes of the inconspicuous moment.

The network is OK, that is the credit of the equipment. Equipment is finished, you in repair, 10 minutes, no one said you, an hour, others said you too high-profile, the network is paralyzed, my work how to do?!

"Low-key man" for the operation and maintenance personnel is self-deprecating, the more low-key, the lower the position, the lower the cognitive level, even forgotten.

Therefore, under the premise of modesty has a certain tone of life (Ningwei, guns, never degrade), try to do things, explain the solution to the data from the third party as the basis to explain, after all, now people like to call the outside unit for the experts, their units are identified as brick home!

Do not give customers too many choices, more choices, he felt that you do not have the ability to let him to the dilemma, learning Apple Black Technology, violence to solve the general technical problems---a lot of technical problems, in fact, is the problem of human nature, human behavior problems.

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As a network operators should really "low-key people, high-profile work" it?

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