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Keyword quality optimization is Baidu bidding account optimization of an important means, can help you to lower the price to get a better ranking, thereby reducing the overall promotional costs, improve ROI. According to Baidu bidding quality optimization Guidance manual ranking mechanism analysis, keywords ranking and a number of factors, such as quality, creative writing, website quality, and so on, I believe many friends understand, but to specific how to operate believe that many people are still relatively vague, below to share with you how to improve the quality of the bidding keyword.

1, optimize the account structure to make the account structure as reasonable as possible

Starting from the promotion purposes, in order to achieve different promotional goals to establish different promotional plans, and the meaning of similar, the structure of the same keywords divided into the same promotion unit, for keyword writing ideas, and control the number of keywords in each promotion unit, to ensure that these keywords and ideas have a high correlation. In particular, try to ensure that you use wildcard characters in every idea.

2, improve the creative writing quality

The basic principle of creative writing is to ensure that the statement is fluent and meaningful. High-quality creativity on the one hand can attract netizens to pay attention to improve the click Rate, on the other hand, also conducive to enhance the search word, keyword and creative relevance, so as to improve quality, do a good job of network marketing. An important way to optimize your creativity is to insert a wildcard in your ideas to get more drift red.

3, select the appropriate display URL

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use the complete domain name (such as as the display URL, enhance the trust of netizens at the same time, but also facilitate the memory of netizens, deepen the impression on your website. You can also try to adjust the representation of the display URL,

4, choose more specific, more obvious business intentions of the key words

Different netizens use the same search term, search demand may be a variety of, such as the search for "prostatitis" netizens may be in the search for treatment of Prostatitis hospital, may just want to understand the prevention of prostatitis knowledge. Relatively speaking, the search "treatment of prostatitis", "prostatitis can be cured" netizens clearly expressed the need for prostatitis, will pay more attention to the relevant promotional results, but also more likely to visit your website to do further understanding.

The optimization of quality is an ongoing process, which requires continuous attention to account performance, and the use of effective methods for different accounts. There are many ways to optimize the quality, welcome friends to discuss together. This article by Original, reprint please indicate the source!!

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