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cabbage price, want to contact qq:867635458, not sincere don't disturb. MVC Linq Technology Enterprise-class general OA system development

Large enterprise level OA project actual combat new online. This project is recorded by a small Confucius instructor. The young Confucius teacher is all very familiar with, he recorded the other course all received the student's unanimous praise. Small Confucius has many years of experience in Web development and instructor training experience, is very good at Asp, development, VB, C # Language of senior experts, at the same time proficient in JS, div+css, Ajax, MVC, LINQ and other technologies. Especially in the Enterprise OA Software development has unique!

Young Confucius Lecturer in the early days of the North Wind network to bring CMS Content management system development, from more than 30 students and participate in learning friends that received feedback that the small Confucius curriculum is indeed fine. This project's explanation, still is close to the enterprise level actual combat, through to the real project explanation, lets the student really learn the actual work ability.

OA is the abbreviation for office automation, which refers to office automation or automated office. Intended to use technology to improve the efficiency of the Office, and thus achieve the automation of office processing. Using Internet/intranet technology, based on the concept of workflow, so that the internal staff to share information quickly and efficiently, to work together effectively, to change the past complex, inefficient manual office, to achieve rapid and all-round information collection, processing, for enterprise management and decision-making to provide scientific basis. An enterprise realizes the degree of office automation is also to measure its realization modernized management standard. OA from the initial stage of the large-scale use of photocopiers and other office equipment as the mark of the initial phase, the development to today's use of network and computer as the symbol of the current stage, the changes in the Office mode and efficiency of the improvement played a positive role in promoting.

For the meaning of OA, 100 people will say 100 different levels, different content of the commentary, 100 units will have 100 different levels, different content application needs. 100 vendors will have 100 different types of technology, different levels, different definitions of the system. This project is a general purpose system, the function module in the system has the same demand in all kinds of enterprises. Through the understanding of these requirements, we can quickly grasp the development process of enterprise-level application system.

Knowledge Range:

Requirements analysis, business process, role permissions, workflow, Ajax,jquery, etc.

Technology selection: webform (vs2005) or MVC + Linq (vs2008) ....... .............

Project value:

This project is the enterprise level OA Office System, the small Confucius teacher engaged in many years OA Enterprise level project development, will the personal development experience all two times assemble in this project, in order to meet everybody's needs. Students will have a direct access to the enterprise's strength, if you can independently make the major modules after study, you can say has accumulated. NET aspects of the minimum 2 years of actual combat experience.

Registration fee for the project:

This project registration fee ordinary member 480 Yuan, Hurricane member 450 yuan, Tornado member 400 Yuan, lifetime member 360 Yuan. Registration method can contact the website customer service, or self-help open learning.

The project module is as follows: (this time the teacher basically in a module will reserve part of this module you still need how to improve the function, so that we know how to move the brain, hands-on, and will give a certain technical guidance, code given, etc.)

1. Personal Desktop

1.1. Personal Attendance

1.1.1. Daily Attendance

1.1.2. Request for leave

1.1.3. Attendance record

1.2. Programme of work

1.2.1. Personal planning

1.2.2. Sectoral plans

1.2.3. Schedule Management

1.3. Address Book

1.3.1. Group Management

1.3.2. Personal Address Book

1.3.3. Company Address Book

1.3.4. Customer Address Book

1.4. Customer Management

1.4.1. Customer List

1.4.2. Customer Tracking

1.4.3. Information summary

2. Human Resources

2.1. Personnel Management

2.1.1. Sectoral management

2.1.2. Position Management

2.1.3. Employee Management

2.2. Attendance Management

2.2.1. Attendance settings

2.2.2. Leave setup

2.2.3. Staff Attendance

2.3. Office Supplies

2.3.1. Category Management

2.3.2. Goods Management

3. Official Document Circulation

3.1. Process Classification Management

3.2. Process Operation Management

3.3. Process Design

3.4. Office process

3.5. My Application List

3.6. My Audit list

3.7. Comprehensive Enquiry

4. Internal communication

4.1. Information centres

4.2. The work pastes the post

4.3. Post Stick Management

4.4. Internal sharing

4.5. Internal Mail

4.5.1. Write Mail

4.5.2. Inbox


4.5.4. Draft box

4.5.5. Rubbish bin

5. Conference Management

5.1. Conference Room Management

5.2. List of meetings

5.3. My meeting

6. Project Management

6.1. Project List

6.2. Post Documents

6.3. Directory Management

6.4. Rights Management

6.5. Member Management

6.6. Subscribe to item

New features: Instant messaging, similar to the Web QQ function. three-layer architecture technical human Resource Management System project HR (Deep WebService)

Project Training Objectives:

Through this project, grasps the HR Human resources management system work flow, the training student dnet actual combat development ability, grasps the database based Web2.0 application and the Web service development technique skillfully. Including system analysis, design (including functional requirements analysis, database design, functional module design and detailed design), development , debugging, testing, and deployment capabilities,

Applicable objects:

1. College degree or above in science and engineering, or equivalent degree in science education background

2. Non-science majors (high school (secondary, vocational) and high school), but have basic development experience in or mastering other software development technologies

Project Background Description:

In order to improve the level of enterprise informatization and promote the standardization, institutionalization and flow of business management, XX unit decides to implement human resource management system. Hope that through the implementation of this system to standardize the management of personnel files, standardize the remuneration system and the management of remuneration, standardize personnel management, training management and incentive management. And the recruitment of job postings, resumes, interviews, recruitment test questions, recruitment tests, employment and other links to standardize. The system also needs to provide the export of personnel files and report function.

Module Introduction:

1. System Management

1.1 Rights Management

1.2 Institutional Management

1.3 User Management

1.4 Report Management

2. Mobility Management

2.1 Transfer Registration

2.2 Transfer Audit

3. Remuneration Management

3.1 Salary Standard

3.1.1 Pay Standard Registration

3.1.2 Compensation Standard Review

3.1.3 Compensation Standard Inquiry

3.2. Remuneration distribution

3.2.1 Salary and payment registration

3.2.2 Compensation Issue Review

3.2.3 Salary Issue Inquiry

4. Archives Management

4.1 File deletion

4.2 File Registration

4.3 File review

4.4 File Inquiries

5. Recruitment management

5.1 Examination Management

5.1.1 Exam

5.1.2 Exam Questions

5.1.3 Examination Inquiry

5.2 Item Bank Management

5.2.1 Examination Questions Registration

5.2.2 Questions Query

5.3 Interview Management

5.3.1 Interview Audit

5.3.2 Interview Registration

5.4 Resume Management

5.4.1 Resume Registration

5.4.2 Resume Inquiry

5.5 Recruitment Management

5.5.1 Employment Application

5.5.2 Recruitment Audit

5.5.3 Employment Results

5.6 Post Release

5.6.1 Job Posting Registration

5.6.2 Job Posting Changes

5.6.3 Job Posting Query

Technology used in the development:

1, in-depth grasp. NET Framework core data processing components, mastering advanced programming and high performance processing. This project uses the Dnet mainstream three-tier architecture as the most important development framework. It also involves jquery Ajax, XML, jquery plug-ins, Dtree recursive tree \webchart Advanced Chart Statistics \excel Export Complex report print \codesmith\ image watermark \ anti-theft chain \webservice\ object-oriented modeling, analysis, Design and implementation methods, master Third-party control Technology and reporting technology and other related technologies and knowledge points

2, the project uses the common three layer architecture development, and provides the Codesmith three layer template (can increase the development efficiency)

Development tools

1. IDE; VS2005

2. Web server: IIS database:

3. Database: SQL Server2005

Time and schedule

Pre-preparation work:

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