Atitit. Best Practice QA-reduce cpu usage-What should I do if the cpu usage is too high? atitit-cpu

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Atitit. Best Practice QA-reduce cpu usage-What should I do if the cpu usage is too high? atitit-cpu

Atitit. Best Practice QA-reduce cpu usage-what if cpu usage is too high


The length of the disk queue is ten, and the length of the disk queue cannot reach li 80% ....

1. Find more threads. Close...

Taskman >>> show colomn thread

Resource Manager> cpu> Number of threads ..


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2. Disable Flash plug-in auto-enable and configure Manual start

Ff swf is configured as a manual inquiry... the cpu is used immediately...

CPU usage, flash.exe uses more...

3. Process tamer, Process lasso. threadmaaster


4. SSD

Ssd can greatly reduce cpu usage ..

What if the cpu usage is too high?

Common symptoms and handling of high cpu usage
[Edit] virus and other malicious programs in the system
Computer viruses, trojan programs, and advertising software all occupy computer resources and may cause 100% CPU usage.

Processing: Use anti-virus software and update it to the latest virus database; scan the system using Trojan scan tools; use Super Rabbit and other tools to eradicate rogue software. See Computer Security Protection entries.

Open the task manager, view the processes with the highest [CPU usage], and write down, Baidu.

Remember Baidu, Baidu Knows

[Edit] improper use of anti-virus software and protection walls
Many anti-virus software has added real-time monitoring of web pages, plug-ins, and emails, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the system.

Processing: select the appropriate anti-virus software and work methods. Not all times require real-time protection. For more information, see Use anti-virus software.

Reduce process priority ~

[Edit] software that occupies cpu resources
If the computer is running QQ, Skype, MSN, word, video playback, BT download and other software at the same time, the machine is not so strange!

Processing: ① do not open software that occupies too many resources; if you need multiple instant messaging, consider using miranda integration; QQ can consider using QQ Lite version; ② clear the programs automatically started upon startup, see msconfig.

[Edit] an incomplete driver is used
Drivers without Microsoft digital authentication may cause this fault; driver bugs may also cause problems.

Processing: ① try to use authenticated drivers; ② try to use drivers of different versions

[Edit] Too many web pages are opened
Flash and script programs contained in the web page occupy a lot of cpu resources, and opening a lot of web pages will affect computer performance. Note: computers with a CPU clock speed lower than 2.0 have obvious performance in this regard because of their slow computing speed.

Processing: ① do not retain too many useless web page windows; ② download flash and AD blocking tools to block web page elements occupying resources; ② check whether the opened page contains illegal or special JAVASCRIPT code;

[Edit] other causes of high CPU usage
[Edit] The word program occupies too many cpu resources
When you open Word and edit text, many CPU resources are consumed. This is mainly caused by the spelling and syntax check functions, and the word assistant also consumes resources.

Processing: Go to Word, run the "Tools> options" menu command, and click the "spelling and Syntax" tab in the dialog box, cancel "check spelling when typing" and "Check syntax when typing" and then confirm.

[Edit] cpu usage is too high due to network connection
In windows, memory and a small amount of cpu resources are allocated to provide services for establishing connections. When the network load is too heavy, the cpu usage may be too high ,..

Solution: open [HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ currentcontrolset \ services \ lanmanserver] in the registry, create a DWORD Value named "maxworkitems" in the right pane, and double-click the value. If your computer has a memory of more than 1024 MB, set it to 256. If it is smaller than MB, set it.

[Edit] Right-click the file and cause 100% cpu usage
In the task manager, right-click the task and the cpu usage is too high.

Solution: deselect the "use the following transition effects for menus and tooltip" check box for desktop properties/appearance/effect.

[Edit] Hard Disk DMA mode is automatically disabled due to standby mode
It is said that the driver may have bugs. You can view the current transmission mode of advanced settings in the main/secondary IDE channels of "ide ata/ATAPI controller" in the Device Manager for inspection.

Solution: uninstall the IDE channel driver and re-install it automatically. In addition, it is said that "do not use sleep and standby for large hard disks larger than GB ".... Remaining full text>

Svhostexe-local service, the cpu usage is too high, more than 90%, the machine fan turns very loud, ask how to solve,

You are poisoned
Hurry up to Kaspersky or simply format it!

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