Atitit. Software dashboard (4) -- db database subsystem-monitoring, atitit -- db

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Atitit. Software dashboard (4) -- db database subsystem-monitoring, atitit -- db

Atitit. Software dashboard (4) -- db database subsystem-Monitoring

Connections :::

Deadlock table list: Basic deadlock list (recent records, time, SQL, etc)

3. Monitor servers and obtain CUP and I/O usage information
4. Monitor the database and obtain the remaining disk space, data space, and log space of the database file.

Data and size of each table

6. the SMS alarm function is provided. If an exception occurs on the server or database, the program can notify the Administrator immediately by text message.
7. All Database exceptions are completely written into the log.

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Lab128 Free Edition is a Free SQL database monitoring tool, which is very easy to use because it allows users to explore databases without training, lab128 has created several funny performance troubleshooting technologies, and the operation is fast, saving you a lot of valuable time, so you can adjust the database with more time.


DbMonitor is a database monitoring system that monitors data access. This is an easy-to-use tool that provides visual monitoring of your database applications and supports monitoring of multiple databases. DbMonitor can regularly monitor the database. If the database cannot be connected, it will trigger an alarm by sound. It supports custom scripts and Execution Plan Task scripts, and can check the basic information of the database (zsh)

DbMonitor executes the database monitoring events tracked by each component, such as submission, rollback, SQL statement execution, component creation and destruction, and connection pool events. An additional tool called dbMonitor is provided to expand the capability of monitoring data access products. This is an easy-to-use tool to provide visual monitoring of your database applications

DbMonitor functions:
1. Call the stack information event (only used to monitor ADO. NET) [New]
2. filter the event type, SQL, description, status, duration, and other parameters [new]
3. The combined call stack and filter events are displayed in the call tree window. You can call this method (only used to monitor the information provided by ado net) [new].
4. Object Tree window filtering event calling object [new]
5. Remote debugging [new]
6. Track multiple Client Processes
7. SQL parameters and Error Tracking
8. Description, timestamp, time and event status, and event sorting [new]
9. Support for Unicode [new]




I used access to create a database file db, which contains four different types of tables db1, db2, db3, and db4. Now I use vb to connect to the database.


How many dbc2000 legendary databases can be used? For example, HeroDB, HeroDB1, HeroDB2, HeroDB3, and HeroDB4, but an error occurs when I create multiple

Theoretically, there is no limit. It doesn't have to be HERODB or be called another one. For example, H123 234 ADSF can be used at will, but it must be consistent with the one on the server.

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