Automated build and deployment best practices based on Rational team concert and Maven

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Introduction: More and more projects, especially Agile projects, are starting to use the Rational Team Concert (RTC) to manage requirements, defects, and source code. Facing the complex environment of multiple versions, multiple sets of environments, and multiple servers, this article introduces and explores how to use RTC and Maven together to manage property configuration information uniformly in the RTC, and to efficiently complete build automation building and deployment practices by RTC single point or timer triggering.


In software development, the coordinated development pace and tacit teamwork are the key to improve the productivity of the software. The Jazz technology launched by IBM Rational is an innovative team collaboration platform that integrates the tasks of the entire software lifecycle and provides the basic framework for next-generation software development platforms. The Rational Team Concert (RTC) is the first product based on the Jazz platform, providing support for code management, project planning, project build, work tasks, work reports, and so on, with development teams and test teams working on the same platform, Greatly improve project management and development efficiency, especially for projects that adopt agile development models.

Maven is an open source project management tool that shifts its focus from the job layer to the project management level. Maven makes it easy to build and bundle code, run tests, generate documents, and take advantage of dependency information between projects.

With multiple versions, multiple sets of environments, and multiple server environments, building and deploying is often a cumbersome and complex task, especially in projects that use the daily build. Build and deployment break apart, resulting in confusion and the need for manual intervention. Manual operations are often busy with errors, confusing the target environment and the server.

To meet these challenges, we take full advantage of the RTC project build feature and Maven's Easy-to-use, powerful features to design a schema with the following characteristics:

Automated build and deployment of RTC single point triggers and management builds

RTC Unified management of all properties files and command files

Specifying and switching target deployment environments by configuring

Building and deploying by configuring the Detach build

Easy to write build scripts with Maven

Make full use of Maven to exploit project relevance information

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