Axure RP 6.5 Learning Record (3)-webpage header Reusable Component Design

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In webpage design, some pages can be reused, such as the webpage header and bottom, so that the master component can be designed.

Let's take a look at the reuse component management area in axure RP:

1. design the header of the blog homepage.

1) Click the Add folder icon in the reuse component management area to add a folder and rename it as a blog garden.

2) Select the blog garden folder, click the Add component icon, add a component, and rename it as header.

3) double-click the header component to make it editable in the prototype design area.

4) we add"CodeChange the world "tag and" login "and" register "links. These are all completed using the text panel control. Drag the text panel control directly to the header page of the design area.

5) The Logo Design for the second line of the header. Drag a rectangle control to the appropriate position on the header page to adjust the size, right-click the rectangle control and choose "edit button shape" ---> "select shape" ---> "rounded rectangle" to convert it into a rounded rectangle. Drag an image control to the left of the rectangle control, after the image size is adjusted, right-click the image control and choose "Edit image" ---> "Import image" to select the logo image. The image control automatically adapts to the logo image size.

6) Menu Design of the third line of header. First, push a rectangle control to the header page, adjust it to the appropriate size, and set the background color of the control. Drag the text panel control to design the menu text on the page.

7) Finally, let's take a look at the effect.

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