Axure8.0 Basic Tutorials (31-40) novice must master the basic operation

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Axure8.0 Basic Tutorials (31-40) novice must master the basic operation directory of this document

Base 31. Switch Component libraries

2nd Chapter Page Setup

Base 32. Set Page Center

Base 33. Set page background (picture/color)

Base 34. Set page color (sketch/black and white)

3rd Chapter Setting conditions

Base 35. Add conditional judgment

Base 36. Set Condition Limits

Base 37. Use case Conditional conversions

The 4th chapter uses variables/formulas

Base 38. Global variable settings

Base 39. Local Variable settings

Base 40.   The format and type of the formula body Base 31. Switch Component Libraries

In the library features panel, you can select a different component library to use by clicking on the list of library components. (Fig. 1-32)

2nd Chapter Page Setup   Base 32. Set Page Center

Select the center button of the page in the page style settings. The center of the page refers to the display of the page content when the prototype is viewed in the browser. (Fig. 2-1)

Base 33. Set page background (picture/color)

In the page style, you can edit the background color of the page and the background picture. (Fig. 2-2)

Base 34. Set page color (sketch/black and white)

In the style of the page, you can display the current page as a sketch effect, and you can convert the page color between color and black and white. (Fig. 2-3)

3rd Chapter Setting conditions   Base 35. Add Conditional Judgment

In the use case editing interface, click Add Condition button to add the condition. (Fig. 3-1)

For example: Determine that the text on the current component contains "@". (Fig. 3-2)

Base 36. Set conditional logic Relationships

Setting to perform an action must satisfy multiple conditions at the same time, or only one of the multiple criteria needs to be set in the interface where the condition is added. (Fig. 3-3)

Base 37. Use case Conditional Conversions

To determine the relationship for multiple use cases, simply click < right button on the appropriate use case name, and select Switch to or. (Fig. 3-4)

The 4th chapter uses variables/formulas   Base 38. Global variable Settings

Global variable is a data container, like a USB stick, you can save the required data, carry it, when needed to read out the use. The settings for global variables are in project-global variables. (Fig. 4-1)

Base 39. Local Variable Settings

Local variables are created in the Edit value/text interface and are selected for use in the Insert variable or function ... list.

Local variables can get multiple types of data when they are created. (Fig. 4-2)

base 40. Format and type of formula

The formula is edited in the Edit value/text interface, in the format [[formula Contents]]. The contents of the formula can be calculated, for example: "[[[3*15]]" Gets the result of "45", and the result of the formula is automatically connected to the content outside the formula, forming a string, for example: "[[[3*15]]" get "45". Variables and functions need to be written in the formula's "[[]]" to correctly get the value of the variable or the result of the function operation. (Fig. 4-3)

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