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HTML5 basic summary (1) -- tag changes and html5 basic summary tags

HTML5 basic summary (1) -- tag changes and html5 basic summary tags With the continuous expansion of Android, IOS Mobile phones, tablets and other apps, coupled with various imperfections in traditional HTML in the past, such as video relying on

Optimization methods and techniques of website optimization-tags

A, the site tags tags correct use of the method. 1, the Website tags label Phenomenon of keywords. Website tags tags must be keywords, in the investigation process found that a lot of sites are site tags tags are not keywords, this situation is not

HTML Basic Tags

1.01-html the head part of the basic tag. htmlDocument type declaration: Allow the browser to interpret and execute the code according to the HTML5 standard.Document type declarations are essential, and must be placed at the top of the document.If

Html basic 2 important tags, html basic 2 tags

Html basic 2 important tags, html basic 2 tags 1. label ... after the webpage creation process, some independent logic parts are divided into oneIn the tag, the tag serves as a container. The logical part is a group of interrelated elements on

Basic web and simple html tags, webhtml tags

Basic web and simple html tags, webhtml tags I. Evolution of enterprise application computing Host-based Client and server Web-base (the most commonly used mode) Different clients can install different things on their own. The first generation is

One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.

Excerpt: "The Innovation of HTML 5--Semantic label (i)"One of the innovations in HTML 5: Semantic Tags section element tags.Before HTML 5 came out, we used div to represent page chapters, but none of this was div meaningful. (Even if we use the CSS

Basic HTML tutorial, and some basic common tags.

HTML basic structure, and common tagshtml naming The above is the basic structure of HTML.1. Below is a list of the basic HTML tags(1) HTML titleThe HTML title (Heading) is defined by tags such as -.The following is the tag code and display: This is

HTML Basic Tags

Recently began to learn HTML5 language, the following is my knowledge of learning HTML to organize some of the points.↑ Document Type declaration: Let the browser, according to HTML5 standard to interpret and execute the code.↑ Document Type

Laravel 5: Many-to-many, implementing articles and tags

Original from HTTPS://LARAVIST.COM/ARTICLE/18 Laravist is my just on-line laravel community, there are any issues related to Laravel can come here to ask me, I will try to help you solve the problem, later will try to record some video tutorials,

Basic understanding of HTML tags and attributes

Basic understanding of tags and attributes: The contents of an HTML page are mainly composed of "elements" or "tags". Use tags to describe the contents of a Web page. Tag tags are usually paired, starting and closing tags, or opening and

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