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The recent internship recruitment began again, was some of the younger brother asked the interview will ask questions, so want to put the previous internship, school recruit asked questions sorted out, I hope the need to help people. Although there are many problems, but the interview can ask the question is an unlimited set, and individual, only as a certain reference, if all the knowledge is very strong grasp of the question: the question here is not to say that all can be answered, can answer most of the I think BAT is no problem.

Personal background: Undergraduate, partial engineering, technology stack C + +, contact Python, Java, PHP, Go
Job interview: Background development, C + + engineers, etc.
Source of the problem: including but not limited to Ali, Tencent, Baidu, NetEase games, are actually encountered.

Follow up to see if there is a need to mark which asked more frequently, need not answer reference.C + +What uses the static keyword to say about inheritance and the concept of composition. When should you use inheritance? What happens when you should inherit from a diamond that combines C + +. Draw a corresponding memory layout talk about the understanding of C + + smart pointers about virtual function Implementation Mechanism if there is only a method in the parent class, the subclass has an int variable, and when is the size of the pointer must be 4 bytes? What is the difference between the #define and the inline function const STA Where Tic initializes the constructor and destructor execution order of the derived class under what conditions the destructor of the base class is not called how to generate a static library. How to build a dynamic library how to debug Coredump with GDB, the core file analyzes how to debug a running program that runs for several days, and how to parse the error how to write the Makefile compiler's compilation process. What to do when linking. What do I do when I optimize the middle tier? How STL containers implement what the adapter is used to do is how the queue implements how the map implements the vector. Optimized O (n) Replication red-black tree Insert data discovery imbalance How to do the difference between debug mode and release mode compilation How to view linked dynamic librariesPythonWhat is a python decorator is what a closure says about the Tornado architecture that says flask's architecture is what the Python generator is. How the bottom layer is implementedalgorithmFind out which sort of sorting methods. There is no O (n) Sort balanced binary tree insert binary find tree 10 G maximum access Ip Statistics Inverted index common cache permutation algorithm implementation of LRU algorithm and optimization of heap and stack common hash algorithm MD5, SHA1 implementation 10,000 URLs fast find two ordered Optimization of array-finding-set 1 billion integers to find the largest 100, with O (n)NetworkWhat does HTTP and TCP have to do with TCP's three-time handshake process TCP and UDP differences TCP packet Why do I need a SEQ packet why do I say HTTP Protocol HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 difference HTTP header What are the fields why HTTP There is no connection to the HTTP TCP congestion control that maintains a long connection, and the TCP client sends the SYN after the client and server are in what state the server calls send data size, whether it can be thought that the client has received. How to ensure that the client receives the meaning of the data 304 status code. How the implementation in the HTTP protocol determines whether the server file has been modified. Know that browser-cached files are inconsistent with server files. In HTTP, which field A class A address and Class B address the difference between the LAN without IP how to communicate. How do I know the meaning of the TCP IP layer of MAC address? Where to get sockets when process accept what is Network virtualization VPN working principle TCP's judgment on network congestion the retransmission mechanism of several TCP congestion mechanismssystemThe corresponding address of the pointer is not the physical address of the physical address and what the virtual address is commonly called. Abbreviation is what the operating system addresses how Linux calculates the available memory in Linux how to use the top command to view virtual and real address information how to use a search engine to understand the virtual address in top. No search engine how to know the top of the output of which is indicating the memory based on the top calculation of available memory how many of the threads using top to see the performance bottleneck Epoll and select compare Epoll shortcomings, how to overcome the shortcomings of the Epoll mechanism file description Epoll implementation of the process from the kernel State notification to the user state. What are the mechanisms for communicating between processes in a synchronous asynchronous way that distinguishes between interprocess communication? How to compare the communication between threads of the same process in terms of resource memory; How to determine where the system consumes performance CPU scheduling is how to make the multi-core CPU better utilize resources what is the fault of the two processes to control access to a data. How to deal with the lock problem talk about whether the association knows netstat in the shell./a.out | What is the wc-l result? The input to the pipeline is which process to talk about Linux file permissions. So that only the owner can read and write. Allows the owner to read and execute only. What permissions do I need to delete a file? If a process is reading and writing to a file, the administrator removes the file and what is the advantage of how the process is compared to the thread of the machine. What is the startup process that the computer starts from the power load what is the interrupt call. Classification of interrupt Programs lsof strace ptrace GDB uses the difference between the kernel state and the user state why the kernel state is required to enter the kernel state. The layout of the variable program in memory that needs to be lockedBack-end componentsMemcached's memory design has what server model TINYHTTPD the basic workflow of the CGI program. FastCGI et cetera how to add access to a website in Apache and Nginx respectively. How to limit IP Apache and nginx different where nginx and Apache architectures are respectively what the difference between memcached and Redis is to briefly describe several operations of Redis knowing not knowing the process pool. Have you ever used Redis to achieve persistence? Whether Redis persistence can trust memcached and redis Why cannot be used as a common database tinyhttpd in the processing of HTTP requests in the memory pool for different size data structures how to store RPC there are several implementations. How to provide interface calls synchronous, asynchronous, blocking, non-blocking differences in RPC callsWebThe difference between a cookie and a session is the difference between get and post. Is there a difference in Access security? How to do real access security if you find that the network cannot access what aspects are checked. If only one website does not have access to the background, guess what the server hangs up for. If you are a Site Admin user feedback Your site cannot access what should be done in the background to discover what to do when running the program card. Check what aspects of HTTPS are described. Can intercept HTTPS packetsDatabaseHow to synchronize the database between databases how to ensure the consistency of the database operation of several tables how to guarantee the database in the master-slave server How ACID is the difference between relational database and non-relational database the type of MySQL lock when MySQL will lock the table. The difference between a row of locked-row locks and table-level locks high concurrent access to MySQL, how to maintain data consistency what storage engine does MySQL have? Why use InnoDB MySQL how to set up indexes for column A and column B you need to consider what database queries are too slow to optimize the index implementation mechanismBig Data, high concurrencyHow to design a high-performance server architecture cache between clusters, a node hangs what to do in the cluster between the synchronization cluster of the message queue between the cluster cache, a node hangs how to do what is high concurrent server design I/O multiplexing model What is the difference between select and Epoll The synchronization of multiple database servers in the second kill system how to do? The design QQ corresponds to all the properties of storage and access what is load balancing. Implementation of load BalancingFront EndWhat is the meaning of the JS event $ (function () {}) in the Web page. and window.onload what difference with two sentences summed up BootStrap with two words summed up JqueryDocker

(because I've done Docker). What is a stateless application docker layered mirroring mechanism go vs. C + + design, pros and cons what go import mechanism pros and cons cgroup principle why should the project Docker be transformed into Need resource isolation and virtualization other Introduction to MVC pattern SVM principle Java Memory Recycling mechanism The difference between bytes and characters when to read a file with a character, when to read a file in bytes the hardest program to write is what is the most successful project single-instance mode how to implement the Chinese encoding XSS attack. For example, SQL injection uses two non-uniform incense that can burn for one hours for 15 minutes 7 workers 7 hours digging 7 meters of holes, 50 hours digging 50 meters of holes need how many people?

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