Baidu Bid Click Price How to calculate? Baidu price Calculation formula and method

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Baidu auction backstage can only set keyword bids, meaning the highest price paid per click. In fact, the same keyword price per click is not necessarily the same. The following small tape you understand the price of the auction click Calculation method.

The price per click is calculated as:

Spot Click Price Calculation formula

For example, the search term "flowers booking" in the Shanghai area has the following four customer's promotion results can be displayed (the example value is for reference only, not meaningful):

Baidu Bid Click Price how to calculate

Through the above table can be seen: Baidu bid promotion is not the high bidder. Ad position ranking is determined by the quality of the keyword and the bid. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, Baidu also want to make more money. The higher the quality, the more valuable the page, the higher the user clicks, so that Baidu makes more money.

In the same ranking, the higher the quality level, the lower the price of the click to pay, it is recommended to continuously optimize the quality to reduce the promotion costs, improve the return on investment.

Through the Baidu auction Click Price Research, you can see the importance of quality, which is also the focus of the optimization account. It can also be seen that no matter how the times change, always follow an original: The user is God

1. Pay-per-click (CPC)

CPC model both bid promotion ranking in full accordance with the number of potential user access to the Enterprise billing, no customer Click Access no charge, the enterprise can flexibly control the promotion force and capital investment, so that the highest return on investment.

Enterprises can set the keywords you want, each time by clicking on the price of each keyword different, if a number of sites at the same time bidding a keyword, then the search results in accordance with the level of each click on the bid to sort (see the Ma Haixiang blog, "What is the order of the price ranking is determined by what factors," the relevant introduction).

There is no limit to the number of keywords that can be submitted per user, regardless of how many keywords are submitted, and are billed as actual clicks on the site.

2, click on the calculation formula of price

According to Ma Haixiang understand: For Baidu's bid promotion, the general click Price depends on you and other customers rankings, bids and quality, the maximum will not exceed your keyword set bids, the specific price per click Calculation Formula is:

Here, Ma Haixiang to remind you: If your keywords are ranked in the last or only one of the promotional results of the promotion results, in this case, click on the price for the lowest display price of the keyword.

Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the lower the lowest display price of the keyword.

For example, the search term "flower booking" has the following four customer promotion results can be displayed (the example value is for reference only, does not have the actual meaning):

determined by the quality * bid, the ranking order of the promotion results is customer A, customer B, customer C, customer D's corresponding keywords.

According to the above calculation method, the click price of each keyword is as follows:

At this time, Ma Haixiang please be sure to pay attention to the following 3 points:

(1), in this billing method, the key words of the click Price will certainly not exceed your own set of bids.

(2), in the same ranking, the higher the quality, you need to pay the lower the price of the click, it is recommended that you continuously optimize the quality to reduce promotion costs, improve the return on investment (see Ma Haixiang blog "Bidding keyword bidding, price adjustment tips and strategies" of the relevant introduction).

(3), the competitive environment may change at any time, even if your bid does not change, the same keyword at different times of the click Price may also be different.

3, click the price formula why ranked second as the benchmark?

Read the above Baidu bidding price calculation formula, a lot of beginners will produce such a question: why the price of the price of bidding ads is ranked 2nd in the bid to calculate the benchmark, rather than the price of the 1th bid ranking?

For this question, simply say: The system creator afraid of the bidders to change the price to be too troublesome, said not to use the first price, but the use of second-place price.

Why is the price of the first place causing trouble?

If, in the auction system, the price of the first-place price for a successful bid is his participation in the auction, the following scenario occurs:

If the first place bids 2 yuan and is the highest price, Second, the price is 1.80 yuan, then the first will be in the next round of bids to lower some prices, such as 1.81 yuan, while the second may be expected to increase in the next round to 1.82, the second round after the end of the last round of ranking is disrupted, which will cause system instability.

4, the price of the second-ranking benchmark benefits

Your bid is the highest price you are willing to pay for a click (i.e. your keyword bid), but usually your click price is smaller than this number.

The price you pay is the lowest bid to keep your current position, called the minimum price, and the lowest price has the feature: if your next customer does not make a bid and quality adjustment, as long as your bid adjustment does not affect the promotion ranking, then the click Price will not change.

For example, when your promotion ad is in the first place, such as a bid of 2 yuan, click the price is 1.5 yuan, as long as the second promotion AD bid and the quality of the same, you even increase the bid to 10 yuan, you still only pay 1.5 yuan per click.

As the competitive environment can change at any time, even if your bid does not change, the same keyword at different times of the click Price may also be different, the specific calculation to be based on the actual situation, if the key words in all the promotion results of the last or only one can show the results of the promotion, Then click on the price for the lowest display price for that keyword.

5, the impact of the quality of keywords

By clicking on the price formula below, we can also see that the price per click is also very much related to your rankings, bids, and quality of the other customers.

Quality is a measure of how relevant your ads are to Internet users, and its calculations are based on CTR and other factors, and your quality and bid together determine your promotion ranking click Prices will be affected by the quality (see Ma Haixiang Blog "Baidu bidding keyword quality of the calculation formula, related factors and optimization method Summary" The relevant introduction).

If the next keyword quality is very high, but our own keyword quality is very low, because the numerator is too large, the denominator is too small, resulting in a click Price is too high, the same situation, if our own keyword quality higher, need to pay the price of the click Lower, So, Ma Haixiang recommends that you constantly optimize the quality of your keywords to reduce your promotion costs.

Ma Haixiang Blog Knowledge Point Extension--click on the official answer to price billing questions

Q1: How do you calculate the price of each click now?

Strategy: Customer known: Formula unchanged, continuous optimization of quality; customer Unknown: Click the price will not be higher than the bid, continuous optimization of quality;

A: Hello, now every click on the price will be Baidu system in ensuring that you promote the effect of the same time, less than equal to your bid, through a reasonable calculation, more effective to save your promotion costs.

Each time you click on the price will be affected by your next customer, as well as your own quality, the higher the quality, the lower the click Price, the specific click Price calculation formula is as follows:

In this respect, Ma Haixiang recommends that the auction staff continue to focus on optimizing quality, in order to continuously improve the return on investment.

Q2: What reference data are not, how do I calculate the click price of keywords AH?

A: The click price of the keyword depends on the actual position of the keyword next and the quality of the word, because each customer's actual ranking situation will vary due to various factors, so the actual click price will also change.

If you need to reference data, you may wish to get through the statistical report, such as: To see the average click price of keywords, you can be very good to help you grasp the keyword click consumption situation.

Baidu Bid Click Price How to calculate? Baidu price Calculation formula and method

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