Baidu has special care for the business station in Beijing?

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When you see this headline, do you think I am talking nonsense? This is related to the region, the network is the world, it is impossible to have "the foot of the Emperor" advantage. Please don't be impatient, and listen to me carefully. Not because in the capital, but by the search engine special care. But because your company registered with Baidu's server is "Fellow", which inadvertently received an unusual treatment, at least have the following two points:

First, in addition to the Baidu server, there are many tools of the site's servers are in Beijing. As we all know, Baidu's ranking results for the industry, different regions are not the same. And ranking is a number of tool sites to calculate the so-called "Baidu weight" basis. For example, we do "shelves", to be in the tool site to get a higher weight evaluation, is required in this tool site server location, showing a better ranking advantage.

Shanghai ranked first site to find out the weight


Hundred Beijing ranked the fourth site to check out the Baidu Weight (tool site data lag, the actual ranking is the first yesterday) so it seems that Beijing's website has been higher weight evaluation, you can switch to better links, so as to get a higher weight, become a virtuous circle.

Second, and most important, is that Baidu knows the effect of the outside chain. Baidu know the right side of the sidebar, Baidu is part of the results of the rankings, although the URL has been converted, but the text display, still shows the advertising target site URL. In other words, here, Baidu promotion has become a kind of outside the chain of expression.

Many enterprises are in the region to do Baidu bid promotion, that is to say, Beijing's enterprises push Beijing, Shanghai's enterprises push Shanghai. That Baidu Spider sees is whose advertisement? Of course, it is the company of Beijing. In this way, Beijing's enterprises, in virtually, increased the site's external chain, promoting the site's SEO effect.


The image above is Baidu know the snapshot of the Web, you can see that the right side of the bidding ads are all the enterprises in Beijing. An industry-related knowledge of thousands of pages, then, as long as the snapshot is not updated or updated when there are competitive advertising display, the chain is very effective. This article is originally released by shelves.

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