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Introducing JS

<script type= "Text/javascript" src= " F2b7da9b79e6a33c4b927285590eef97 "></script>
<script type= "Text/javascript" src= "Http://" ></script >//Google coordinates turn Baidu

Common Controls

Control: The abstract base class for controls in which all controls inherit methods, properties of this class. This class enables you to implement a custom control.

Navigationcontrol: The map Pan zoom control , which defaults to the top left side of the map, contains the ability to control the panning and zooming of the map. The mobile side provides a zoom control, which is located by default in the lower right of the map.

Overviewmapcontrol: The thumbnail map control , which is located at the bottom right of the map by default, is a collapsible thumbnail map.

Scalecontrol: A scale control that, by default, is located at the bottom left of the map, showing the map's scale relationship.

Maptypecontrol: The map type control , which is located at the top right of the map by default.

Copyrightcontrol: Copyright Control , which is located at the bottom left of the map by default.

Geolocationcontrol: positioning controls , developed for Mobile, are located at the bottom left of the map by default.

Control to add a method:
New BMap. map("container"); map. Centerandzoom(new BMap. Point(116.40439.915), map. AddControl(new BMap. Navigationcontrol());

1.var MP = new (' Map ');

Mp.centerandzoom (New Bmap.point (121.491, 31.233), 11);//Set center point and scale size

2.var map = new BMap.    Map("container");

var point = new BMap.   Point(116.404, 39.915);

< Span class= "st0" >< Span class= "me1" >< Span class= "Sy0" >map. centerandzoom (Point15

var marker = new BMap. marker (Point//create callout  

map. Addoverlay//add labels to the map

3. /span> /span>

Map. AddEventListener("click"function()alert("You clicked on the map. ")});//The Listener event can also capture the state after the event is triggered by listening for events.
Map. RemoveEventListener("click", Showinfo);//Remove Listener Events

4. Map Coordinate conversion

Baidu Map API Features
Google coordinates
var x = 116.32715863448607;
var y = 39.990912172420714;
var ggpoint = new Bmap.point (x, y);

Map initialization
var bm = new ("Allmap");
Bm.centerandzoom (Ggpoint, 15);
Bm.addcontrol (New Bmap.navigationcontrol ());

callback function after the coordinate conversion is complete
Translatecallback = function (point) {
var marker = new Bmap.marker (point);
Bm.addoverlay (marker);
var label = new Bmap.label ("I am Baidu labeled Oh", {offset:new bmap.size (20,5)});
Marker.setlabel (label); Add Baidu Label
Bm.setcenter (point);
BMap.Convertor.translate (ggpoint,2,translatecallback);//gcj-02 coordinates turn into Baidu


Baidu Map API

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