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1. Please introduce Baidu Mobile Input Method Design Group bar.

Hello everyone, I am Baidu Mobile Input Method UE team leader. From the beginning of 2009, input Method UE team to participate in the design, you can say that we are all the way to witness the birth of Baidu mobile phone input and growth.

After nearly 3 years of development, has been a collection interface designers, interactive designers, user research engineers, operating designers, including the relative integrity of the UE design team.

2. What are the innovations in the design of input method products?

We do design continues Baidu has always followed the two principles: innovation and focus on the user experience.

For example, we pioneered the "Point-and-click input" in the first use of input method, can greatly improve the efficiency of input, after the point of entry appears in the domestic similar products, Blackberry 10 and the latest updated Google Pinyin input has introduced this mode of operation.

In the recent Android3.0 edition, Baidu Mobile Input method to take the lead in the "multimedia input" concept, "in the input text box according to the need to insert pictures, voice, map, graffiti, with write, two-dimensional code and so on, combined with high-end intelligent machine some characteristics, so that users can input through the text input, Make the input behavior more diverse and more rapid and convenient.

3. Touch screen cell phone input method and key mobile phone, what is the interaction between different points?

First of all, touch screen mobile phone and key mobile phone the most fundamental difference;

First, the touch has changed. Keyboard mobile phone In the input can make the user obviously have the physical touch, the shape of the key, the physical size of the key, press the feedback and so on, for users are aware of, but touch-screen mobile phone due to the current technical limitations, physical touch is not strong or popular.

Secondly, the variation of keyboard layout is different. Keyboard mobile phone key layout is fixed, but for touch-screen mobile phones, keyboard layout, key content can be changed according to the use of the scene, and even the keyboard can change, compared to the keyboard mobile phone layout is not fixed, change diversity.

Because of the fundamental differences between the two, the interaction design concerns are different: how to minimize the memory cost of the keys, minimize the change in the different panels, and reduce the switching cost between different panels, Keyboard layout of the scene application variability, such as touch-screen mobile phone input method Interaction design needs to focus attention.

4. Baidu Mobile Input method is how to improve the efficiency of user input?

The factors that affect input efficiency are various, such as: keyboard layout, hot zone setting, thesaurus precision, interface design, and many factors are interacting with each other. Our interactive and visual design level will improve the user's input efficiency by reducing the cost of switching between different panels, reducing the user's cognitive cost, reducing user input cost (such as multimedia input), and many other improvements.

5.iOS of Chinese Input method has been a lot of problems, but currently only jailbreak to use a third-party input method. Compared with the system input method, Baidu Input method iOS have any advantages?

First of all, only through prison break to use the concept of Baidu mobile phone input method is not correct. We have and a lot of application software for inline cooperation (Baidu Search, Weico, a letter, etc.), will be added to the Baidu mobile phone input to the cooperative application software, so that users can use without escaping from prison.

Compared with the system input method, Baidu mobile phone input Method advantage lies in:

First: a powerful thesaurus. Baidu through years of accumulation, through strong technology, thesaurus and word frequency through a large number of data screening, more in line with the input habits of Chinese users.

Second: The support of cloud input. Not only the strong Word library, the development of cloud input function, but also can improve the user's input efficiency.

Third, provide a variety of input methods. Pinyin, Wubi, strokes, handwriting and so on.

IV: nine keyboard layout. Nine layout design, point of input form all make Baidu mobile phone input method efficiency is higher.

6. Why does the handset end have to carry on the nine Sudoku panel? is the input way faster than the full keyboard?

The main function of mobile phone at the beginning of design is to design the call, so the original keyboard for nine layout, and later with the expansion of mobile phone function, text input gradually became one of the main functions, only based on the nine layout of the T9 input mode, the current mobile phone end of the nine Panel is intended to continue the user's use habits.

As for the nine and the whole keyboard compared to the type of input faster, there is no obvious conclusion, both have advantages and disadvantages, but the statistics show that the current Chinese input using nine panel users accounted for the majority.

Nine panel: The advantages of the keys increased input accuracy, low user cognitive cost, the disadvantage of high coincident rate.

Full keyboard panel: The advantages can be accurately input, key small, user mistakenly click rate higher, cognitive cost is high.

7. Does the Input Panel button's size affect the input efficiency?

As a tool product, input efficiency is one of the important indexes to measure its quality. The influence factors are various, the size of the key is only one of them, the shape of the key, color, hot zone, etc. will have an impact on user input efficiency.

In addition, the input accuracy rate also has a great impact on the input efficiency, it can be imagined that if the user often clicks error, then the input efficiency must not be high, and vice versa. Therefore can not be isolated to say the input of the key to the efficiency of the impact, but should synthesize a variety of factors, combined with user input efficiency, input accuracy rate, subjective satisfaction and other aspects to promote. Baidu Mobile Input method is a combination of various factors, through user testing continue to optimize and upgrade, of course, we have been working hard.

8. What direction will the mobile phone input in the future develop?

As mentioned above, in the Android3.0 version of the innovative "multimedia input" form, that is, through the analysis of user behavior design inspiration, the current "multimedia input" is only the initial stage, the future of "multimedia input" way of continuous improvement will be further to user input to bring fast and convenient.

"Voice input" I think is also the future of input method development direction, language is the most direct and effective way of communication between people, when our input method can understand what we say, input will appear a great change, the distance between the person and the machine will be close.

In addition, "cloud input" is also bound to be one of the future development direction, through the cloud server powerful data processing capabilities, effective and accurate provision of candidate words, a variety of synchronous backup, will greatly improve the user's input efficiency and the use of experience.

There are also more forward-looking input methods we are also constantly research and attention.

9. How is the logo of the input method designed?

The new version of Baidu Mobile Input Method logo is accompanied by the release of the 2.1 version. Logo overall use of the Bear head shape with the interior of the meter character, brush and English du design elements.

The Bear head shape and the red and blue color collocation inspiration from Baidu brand DNA, in the lower left corner of a corner, used to show our innovation and strive to perfect the design concept; in detail, the shading of the rice character can be seen that we celebrate the traditional culture and maintain unity with the history; the combination of the writing brush and the English du Express our responsibility to inherit and carry forward, with you, we work together to write a new chapter of faith, as well as the direction of our products.

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