Baidu search result page parameters (rsv_ers)

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Even if you do not click related search on the baidu search result page, the rsv_ers parameter is included. Although it only appears with the related search, it is actually not closely related to the related search.

Baidu search result URL parameter switch (rsv_ers)
Meaning next page Switch
Parameter Value
Xn0Next page not clicked
Xn1Click Next page

A total of 8 parameter values are collected, but the possibility of more parameter values is not ruled out. These values can be divided into 0 and 1. It is not clear the specific meaning of rsv_ers. It is tentatively set to switch to the next page.
Common rsv_ers = xn0 indicates that you have clicked the previous page, returned to page 1st, or not clicked the next page, and directly clicked the page number on page 1st of the search result. In this case, rsv_ers = xn0.
However, if you click the next page or press Baidu twice in a row, rsv_ers = xn1 indicates that the next page is displayed.


$ Rsv_ers = $ _ Get ['respiratory _ ers'];
If (preg_match ("/(rsv_ers = xn0)/I", $ Baidu ))
Echo "<tr class = \" center \ "> <TD> switch from top to bottom </TD> <TD> the next page has not been clicked </TD> </tr> ";
Elseif (preg_match ("/(rsv_ers = xn1)/I", $ Baidu ))
Echo "<tr class = \" center \ "> <TD> switch from top to bottom </TD> <TD> click Next </TD> </tr> ";
Elseif (preg_match ("/(& rsv_ers =) ([^ &] +)/I", $ Baidu, $ rsv_ers ))
Echo "<tr class = \" center \ "> <TD> switch from top to bottom </TD> <TD> ". $ rsv_ers [2]. "</TD> </tr> ";


Canonical attributes

ExploitationCanonicalAttribute to direct the image to the page where the image is located. The crawling of Baidu image spider solves the problem that the image page lacks content and is difficult to be indexed.

Modify in. htaccess

<Files test.jpg>
Header add link '</Files>

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