Basic management of Cisco routers and switches

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The management of the equipment is the basic condition for maintaining the normal operation of the equipment, so let's take a look at some basic management commands and methods of Cisco routers and switches.

The methods and commands for managing routers and switches are mainly divided into several areas:

1, understand the command line mode.

2, configure the IP address of the interface and related routing entries.

3, the router, switch password management.

4, remote management of routers, switches.

5, the system iOS backup and recovery.

Understanding the mode of the command line

1) User mode

The default entry is User mode, in which the user is severely restricted and can only be used to view some statistics.

Route> #路由器的用户模式

Switch> #交换机的用户模式

2) Privileged Mode

In user mode, enter the "Enable" (abbreviated "en") command to enter privileged mode, where you can view and modify the configuration of the router or switch in privileged mode.

Route>enable #也可以输入en进入特权模式




The commands commonly used in privileged mode are interpreted as follows:

Show version: View the iOS version of the system

Show Running-config: View current configuration information

Copy running-config Startup-config: Save the current configuration or use write

Erase startup-config: Deleting a saved configuration

Show Startup-config: View Saved Configurations

Show mac-address-table: View the MAC Address table of the switch

Show int Interface Name: View information for an interface

Show ARP: view ARP cache table

Show IP route: View routing table information

show IP int Brief: View IP address information for all interfaces.

No IP domain-lookup: Disabling DNS queries

Line con 0

Exec-timeout 0 0: No timeout connection

Logging synchronous: Do not enable time synchronization, information does not interrupt the input command

3) Global mode

In privileged mode, enter the "Config Terminal" (abbreviated to CONF t) command to enter the global mode, in which the user can modify the global configuration of the router or switch.

route# Config terminal

Route (config) #

Note: Switch and router commands are the same, so just use the router to do the demo

Static entries for routers can be configured in global mode.

IP route Destination network subnet mask Next hop address: Configure static routing

IP route Next hop Address: Configure default route

Reload: Reboot the router

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