Basic Methods for mscrm Customization

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Mscrm can perform almost unlimited function expansion, which is one of its important selling points. I have summarized the following methods for customizing mscrm:

Sitemap. xml
This is used in the left-side navigation bar of the custom main form. Its functions seem simple. In fact, it is very useful in complicated customization. Some advanced skills will be introduced later. Sitemap can be exported/imported like other entity.

IsV. config. xml
This file is used to customize the main form menu bar, toolbar, entity navigation bar, toolbar, and so on. The file location is stored in crmweb \ _ resources \ isV. config. xml. Remember to back up the file before modification. After modification, iisreset is not used and takes effect directly. If you want to add a button to implement some custom operations on the toolbar, you can modify this file.

Mscrm forms support three types of events: entity's onload (), onsave (), and field onchange (). You can write JScript or JavaScript scripts in it (Microsoft officially said it supports JScript, however, mscrm is based on Internet Explorer, so it actually supports this broader scripting Javascript. VBScript certainly supports IE, but Microsoft's relationship with mscrm is confusing: I have never seen any reference in the official document !) This also includes some advanced usage, such as Ajax, adding browser events, and directly using js to read and write databases (unsupported by Microsoft ). This is the most common custom method, and many advanced applications are also in this section.

Workflow, because V4 is much better than V3 workflow, I will not talk about the V3 features first. We will discuss V4 workflow in the future.

Callouts/workflow assemble
Both are based on vs. NET programming and are used to extend mscrm to implement specific business logic. Supports C # and VB.. net, but V3 only supports. NET 2003 (. net Framework 1.1) compiled DLL, vs2005 does not support (of course, can also be extracted. net Framework 1.1 to vs2005 and then configure, not recommended ). It is worth mentioning that V4 is no longer called callouts, but plug-ins. This statement is clearer, and V4 also supports compiling DLL (. NET Framework 2.0) with vs2005 )., Web Services
Because mscrm is a Web-based CRM software, is also frequently used. Sometimes it also writes its own web service, or even Windows Service, to implement specific business processes.

SQL trigger/store procedures
These are also methods not supported by Microsoft, and are sometimes particularly useful.

Mscrm reports data report
This requires Visual Studio business intelligent development tools. This option is called the client tool when installing SQL Server 2005.

Microsoft divides customization into two categories: supported customisation and unsupported customisation. Simply put, as long as the mscrm SDK does not mention unsupported, such as modifying any aspx, JS, HTC, CSS files, or directly operating the database (filteredview is acceptable ).

Some of my basic suggestions are as follows:

1. Use suppported customisation whenever possible. There must be development documents;
2. If you have to use the unsupported method, the document must be detailed to facilitate future upgrades;
3. All development files and source files must be stored in sourcesafe, or at least have backups of different periods;
4. Web data and databases must be backed up, and servers must also be backed up;
5. Do not develop directly on production environment. You must have a development environment for comprehensive testing.

Jim Wang
09 Nov 2007, England

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