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What is PDM:

Product Data Management manages design, R & D, manufacturing, and other data. The Design and R & D data must be synchronized with the manufacturing data, which must be paperless.


Data managed by PDM includes:

Design Information of CAD, cam, and CAE-bom, configuration file, and design File

MRP and CAD Synchronization

Process Information: workflow, approval relationship, etc.



What do PDM software have? Storm history:


Windchill -- PTC




Metaphase-SDRC boss

Matrixone subdivision-Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Agile subdivision-Electronic Manufacturing Industry



Siemens eds acquired UGS and SDRC and became Teamcenter

PTC or PTC, mainly used for windchill

Dassault acquired matrixone, The evovia product.

Oracle acquired Agile Software


What is PLM:

Product Lifecycle Management System. Manage the process from requirement to design, manufacture and maintenance of a product.

DESIGN: 1. All the processes of design are simulated and tested on the computer.

2. The maintenance of the central database strengthens knowledge management.

3. Create a production layout during design

4. Improved approval workflow

5. Parallel

Manufacturing: 1,


People tend to focus only on specific technologies in the life cycle, such as CAD, CRM, and PDM, to form an Information Island.


Keywords: full lifecycle, collaboration, islands

PLM management: quality management, project management, data management, and value chain management


What can PLM do?

1. improve innovation capability (new products and serial numbers)

2. Globalization (Global Access and suppliers)

3. Time to market (Digital prototype)

4. Knowledge Management (electronic warehouse)

5. Product Quality (repair)

6. Reduce costs (reduce R & D time, sales errors, and repair rate)


Enterprise information software:



PLM production software vendors:


Development History:

(1) PDM was originally only for document management, product structure management, and Engineering Change Management ------ PDM/PLM configuration management, based on WEB ----- PLM full lifecycle management, and e-commerce

(2) CAD document management module-independent software outside of CAD (document management, structure, Engineering Change)-PLM-expanded application scope (pre-demand, post-overhaul) Siemens, SAP, development to the community (such as Dassault, PTC), integration with Microsoft SharePoint, plm2.0 --- Wide Area Development (Teamcenter started to integrate with rational and started to get stuck in the industry)


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