Beauty wedding photos ps into Butterfly Fairy Tutorial

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First, open the bride in the wedding material map, the material pictures for noise removal, came to the channel panel, the green channel to select and copy, and then paste to the blue channel, back to the RGB channel, and then press CTRL+J copy background layer to get layer 1.

Second, the high light material opened and pulled into the current image, and the material is the layer of the blending mode set to soft light, and then add a mask, with a black brush tool on the mask to smear the skin area of the character.

Thirdly, create a new layer, fill it with fresh blue, and then set the blending mode of the layer to soft light, opacity is about 60%.

Open and drag the flower's material picture into the current image. According to ctrl+t adjust the size and position (to put flowers on the bride's head), ctrl+l to the flower adjustment levels, in the RGB channel to the input level of 64, 1.00, 255, so that the flowers and background more integration.

The butterfly material picture opens again, uses the rectangular marquee tool to select the butterfly's left wing, then use the Mobile tool to drag it into the current image, and then set the blending mode of the layer to darken, and then press Ctrl+t to change the size and position, to pull it to the character's back, the second wing method is the same, In the adjustment of the time to let the wings and the characters back to connect naturally.

Six, finally only need to hit some flash brush, and then enter their own personality signature can be done!

Detailed Production Steps screenshot:

High-light material map:

Flower Material Map:

Butterfly Material Map:

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