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 (a) Packaging common sense

Packaging to meet the requirements, to ensure that the package safe, accurate, rapid distribution plays a very important role, especially liquid and fragile items, such as improper packaging, the package itself is easy to damage, and will deface other parcels, seriously endanger the safety of staff.

Determine whether the packaging is solid, mainly to see whether the package can withstand long-distance transport and normal collision, friction, vibration, pressure and climate change without damage. According to the nature of the goods, size, weight, delivery distance and transportation, and so on, choose the appropriate packaging materials for the package properly packaged.

1, Packaging principle 1) suitable for the transport principle package packaging should be strong, intact, can prevent in the transportation process occurs the packing breakage, the inside material leakage, loses, can prevent because of the arrangement, the friction, the concussion or because of the pressure, the temperature change causes the parcel the damage or the deterioration, can prevent the harm operator or the polluting transportation equipment, Ground equipment and other items.

2 Convenient handling principle packaging materials In addition to the package should be suitable for the nature, state and weight, but also neat, dry, no smell and grease, packaging outside the surface can not have protruding nails, hooks, thorns, etc., to facilitate handling, handling and placement.

3 the appropriate packaging principle according to the package size, weight and transport characteristics of the appropriate size of the outer packing and filling, inadequate packaging and excessive packaging are not advisable. Inadequate packaging is likely to cause damage to the package, excessive packaging resulting in waste packaging materials.

2, Packaging Materials 1 paper category of articles thickness not more than 1cm of paper items, using file envelopes for packaging, thickness of more than 1cm and not easy to break, pressure-type books, samples and other delivery items, can choose packing box.

2 small volume of accessories, easy to scatter the category of items used in plastic bags as the packaging will be delivery items gathered and tightly sealed, the inside packing need to leave the suitable space, the quantity is less may use the packing bag as the outer packing, the quantity is large may use the solid texture, the size moderate carton as the outer packing, and fills the space in the box with the filling material, So that the package is relatively fixed in the box, to avoid the filling of the full and caused by the collapse of the package lost.

3 Weight of the machine parts, molds and other categories of goods using soft materials (such as bubble pads, etc.), better material, wear-resistant plastic bag packaging, or a better quality carton packaging and packing with the reinforcement, you can also use wooden cases for packaging. If the package is a fragile product, it is necessary to add a fragile label on the outer packaging as a warning.

4 cylindrical or raw material category of goods using transparent plastic film package, and then use tape to wrap it, strictly prohibited the use of a variety of colored garbage bags for packaging.

5 The packing of solid items involving leakage category must meet the packaging requirements of liquid goods, using gaskets and absorbent materials to prevent contamination of its own waybill and other parcels in the course of transportation due to leakage.

6 powder category of goods A. If the original package packaging is plastic bag packaging, should use plastic coating woven bag as the outer packaging, to ensure that the powder will not leak;

B. If the original packaging is a hard paper barrels, barrels, plywood barrels, the requirements of the barrel body is not broken, tight seam, barrel cover seal, barrel hoop strong and strong, the two sides of the barrel should be steel belt packing belt;

C. If the original package is packaged with glassware, the weight of each bottle should not exceed 1kg. If the container itself is not strong enough, it shall be made of iron or wooden material for outer packing and filled with cushioning material in the box.

7 Textile products using bags, sacks, carton packaging:

A. The material of cloth bag should choose sturdy and strong cotton cloth;

B. The material of the sack should have no holes, have a certain strength, sealing the application of sealing machine one-time seal;

C. If carton packaging is used, the corner and edge of the box shall be reinforced with adhesive tape to ensure that it will not rupture in the course of transportation, and that any carton with more than 60cm is required to be reinforced with a packing belt. If the carton quality is poor, it can also be woven bags outside, to prevent in the handling, loading and unloading process caused part of the loss or damage.

8 The goods of precision Instrument category are packed in cartons or all wooden cases, and the space between the package and the wall should be 2cm and filled with cushioning material. If you use carton packaging, after checking the distribution items, if the packaging has other transport documents or packaging markings, it must be removed, if not clean, in volume permitting, the carton should be packed into the bag, or the packing box to be repackaged to avoid other transport documents or packaging markings caused by the operation errors. For the electronic distribution of their own electrical goods, must be agreed with the shipper in the case of the delivery of the goods from the battery removed and separated from the subject can be charged, for the separation of the package can not be collected.

3, sealing the operation of the 1 tape is the most commonly used in the adhesive tapes, for the delivery of goods to the packaging, in addition to file envelopes and packaging bags, other types of packaging generally need to use tape to seal the packaging. For the shape of the rules of carton packaging package, requires the use of tape to the upper and lower surface of the carton packaging operations;

2 The use of transparent tape along the seam of the cardboard box to seal, while the tape at both ends should be extended carton two side to relax the 5cm-10cm, in order to be a carton of the two ends of the raphe, at the same time to tighten the tape at both ends, so that the tape and the box fully bonded;

3 The use of transparent tape on both sides of the carton to seal the mouth, sealing the requirements of the carton side of the side seam openings for sealing, tape should be extended to relax 5cm-10cm, at the same time to tighten the tape at both ends and tape the middle part, the use of tape and box full adhesion;

4 after the completion of the sealing of the carton surface, it is necessary to seal the other surface.

4, Packaging matters 1) prohibit the use of all newspapers and periodicals as a package of external packaging, such as newspapers, posters, books, magazines, etc., strictly prohibit the use of a variety of colored garbage bags or easy to damage, thinner packaging as a package outside the packaging;

2 for the high value of the package used in packaging boxes, packaging needs to be added in the package buffer material;

3 for a single number of packages, must be in accordance with a single operation of a number of operating specifications, the total weight of more than 15kg, the volume of the largest package of one side less than the waybill posted area can be more than a bundle of parcels, must be in the conjoined package posted on the waybill, and will be tied to a strong bundle. Two or more than two pieces of packaged packages, must be used to strengthen the packing belt, such as three with the size of the shoe box together to send, three boxes can be bundled securely, as a ticket parcel delivery. As a single as a number of parcels delivery, need to be posted on each package of the waybill, the waybill has identified a single number of pieces.

4 for re-use of old packaging materials, must be removed from other transport documents or packaging logo can be used before, to avoid the old packaging content to affect the delivery of parcels.

 (ii) Common anomalies

1, the box has more than 2cm of holes or a clear tear, the package is easy to fall off or damaged;

2, the packing box has the water wet, the oil pollution phenomenon;

3, outside the box is crushed, broken, such as carton packaging household appliances (parts) of the package often occurred packaging was crushed, broken;

4, in the process of handling, although the packaging intact, but can feel the contents of the package between friction, collision, and accompanied by a collision sound or abnormal has been damaged sound;

5, package outside the packaging is not damaged, but there is an abnormal smell or strong stimulating odor;

6, package packaging for the use of the old packaging, the surface of the original waybill, label, address, or the old Waybill, label, address removal is not complete, 7, the package of packaging for posters or plastic, such as easy to damage packaging.

 (iii) Packaging considerations

1, ropes, belts for the use of ropes or straps to seal the packaging, must remove ropes or belts, using tape to seal the case.

2, tape for the use of cellophane tape, medical blanket seal packaging, to remove the sealing tape and use special tape for sealing.

3, used in the use of the box has crushed traces, if the goods are packaged by holes, grease, water stains, used boxes, etc., the goods shall be placed in a qualified box together with the packing, and all the labels, numbers and the outer sides of the package shall be removed for the acceptable use of the boxes. Address information and everything that may affect the delivery of pasted items and information.

4, easily damaged materials for the use of fragile materials as packaging, such as plastic, should be placed in the qualified box.

5, the inside pieces of protection received packaged items, a little shaking, you can hear the sound of the internal pieces of the collision, should be sent to the shipper to check the package requirements, and suggest that the shipper fill enough filler to fit long distance transport operations, to avoid collision between the package of damage.

6, small pieces of small items in a large number of small pieces in the package, such as bolts, screws, nuts, nails and other items, must be wrapped in linen bags, and then placed in a qualified box.

 (iv) Types of business

1, 211 Limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, 6 cities in the day to take parts, the next day before 14:00 to serve the regional designated city services, 211 limited to a total of 23 cities nationwide coverage (due to business development and change, the administrative region renamed and other factors, 211 time limit to reach the distribution area may be expanded, change or adjust, the specific area please use the information published in the website as the subject.

2, the next day to reach across the province between the city to take parts today, the next day to serve the region designated city services, the next day Tatsu services covering 151 cities nationwide (due to business development and change, administrative Region renamed, and other factors, the next day up to the distribution area may be expanded, change or adjust, the specific area please publish information on the website).

3, night with the convenience of receiving the goods provided by the evening 19:00-22:00 door-to-door service, night service with a total coverage of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan 5 cities (due to business development and change, administrative regions renamed and other factors, the night with the region may be expanded, changed or adjusted, Specific areas Please use the information published in the website as the subject).

4, door-to-door pick-up in accordance with the requirements of the sender, in the Division I designated the area, by the Division I door-to-door to the receiving side of the service to take parts.

5, the collection of goods in accordance with the shipper and the receiving party to reach a deal agreement requirements for the shipper to provide quick delivery of goods, and on behalf of the delivery to the receiving party to collect the payment, and in accordance with the agreed time will return the money to the consignor's services. The effectiveness of the rebate for t+3 working days (the agreement of the consignor in accordance with the agreement of the statute of limitations), T for the package signing time. This business supports the receiving party to pay cash or POS machine credit card.


1 before shipment must be in advance with the receiving party to determine the amount of payment;

2 when the order, please tick "collect money" option;

3 waybill on the need to print a complete "collection of Money" and "collection of payment";

4) Division in strict accordance with the shipper's waybill in the printing of the collection of payment to the receiving party to collect money.

6, the signature return in accordance with the requirements of the shipper, the receiving party to sign the confirmed documents, within the specified time returned to the consignor's services.

7, insured for the delivery of parcels to provide insured services, according to the insured amount of 0.3% to collect the insured fee, the sender should truthfully declare the insured amount, each Waybill parcel amount (a single more than one piece of the total amount) in the yuan (including) within the renminbi.

(v) Description of the face sheet

1, our waybill only limited to the Secretary for the delivery of parcels when used;

2, waybill only support machine printing, does not support handwriting;

3, express freight according to the package overall weight (including internal parts, packaging and so on) collection;

4, from the date of receipt of the shipment within 3 months for the effective inquiry period, overdue no longer accept;

5, because the addressee has no reason to reject, three delivery can not be delivered to the recipient, such as courier service organization caused by the withdrawal, express service organizations have the right to request the sender to pay the refund costs;

6, the package shall not be folder to send explosive materials, inflammable materials, corrosive articles, radioactive articles, toxic substances, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, cash, postal franchises, letters, ID cards, passports, driving licences, securities, white powder, etc. prohibited goods listed in the embargo rules, the sender in violation of the foregoing agreement, should bear legal responsibility. The sender should be responsible to the express service organization or the third person for the loss and personal injury of the courier service organization or the third person's goods if the senders conceal, conceal the packing to send the prohibited articles or the packing is not good.

7, package packaging must comply with national standards and industry standards, the sender in violation of the foregoing agreement, should bear the corresponding loss, 8, exemption situation: 1 The nature of the goods themselves or reasonable loss caused by the loss of parcels;

2 natural disasters, traffic accidents, air crashes, war and other force majeure;

3 the sender or recipient of the fault caused by the loss;

4 The traffic control, inspection and other government actions and other factors caused by the delay, damage and loss, I am not liable for compensation.

 (vi) Service commitments

1, delivery transport is a certain risk, including damage or loss, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of consignor, please be sure to comply with the requirements of our package packaging;

2, we do not accept the principle of powder, liquid goods, the absolute refusal of chemical and other national provisions of prohibited items, once the discovery of the cover-up shipped, I Shi refused to provide services, resulting in losses will depend on the seriousness of the consequences of taking further legal measures;

3, the consignor must do a good job before the shipment, including the full packaging and waybill posted, so that the secretary for information inquiries and feedback;

4, the day before 17 o'clock the consignor in the system to submit shipping information and has been ready for the package, the day to complete door-to-door delivery, such as in case of special reasons can not come to the goods, I will be with the shipper to reconfirm the door-to-door delivery time;

5, the Secretary for the delivery of the package is only responsible for the inspection of the packaging situation, the consignor must use tape or post sealing seal box;

6, the Secretary for the delivery of the package when asked to first view the integrity of the package (especially the box sealing the sticker is damaged) and confirm that there is no obvious broken sound after the signature, I do not help you to review the obligations of the situation. If there is an abnormal state, can refuse to receive goods;

7, the consignor issued goods, such as in case of exceptional circumstances, please contact 400-603-3600 customer service in time to resolve;

8, for the school distribution will be in advance to contact the recipient, and within the agreed time for delivery to the recipient designated by the receiving area, the distribution of areas subject to property management restrictions or special military zone restrictions, except.

 (vii) Please cooperate with

1. The maximum weight of a single piece shall not exceed 15KG;

2, the shipper and the receiving Party's name, address, telephone and other information must be accurate;

3, in order to reduce your package because the day can not be shipped and bring inconvenience to you, please in accordance with our regional scope and time to send parcels.

4, package delivery, please sign in the first time (block letters) and in the "Recipient signature" column indicating the specific time you signed for;

5, the shipper in the package issued, you need to contact the receiving party personnel in the scheduled time ready to receive the package to be served, 6, please cooperate with our work, so as not to affect the distribution of your parcel.

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