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Today is a memorable day, because the ORM (torridity) tool I have compiled has been tested in performance, and its read performance is overwhelming for dataset, LINQ, and dataentity framework.


As you can see, we are two times faster than dataset, four times faster than LINQ, and 14 times faster than Entity Framework beta 3.

The test reads 10 thousand records. For the sake of fairness, all other records are read in advance before the start of timing to ensure that the error is not caused by the connection to the buffer pool. And TestCodeThe best reading method of each tool is guaranteed.

You can download the test in the attachment.ProgramBut unfortunately,Torridity is a company property, so I cannot contain any code about this part. To test the program, please:

-Use Visual Studio 2008 to open a project;

-Download Entity Framework Beata 3;

I will test the performance of the SAVE, insert, and delete functions later.


Do not post the following comments: there is no actual program to blow it there.
What I want to say is, thisArticleThis is just to commemorate my achievements and prove my abilities.

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