Black box test of software testing and its practical application

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The black box test of software testing is to consider the software as a black box that cannot be opened, only concerned with the input data and output results of the software.

Black box testing completely regardless of the internal structure and internal characteristics of the program, only rely on the program input and output between the relationship and the function of the program to design test cases.

Test method Equivalence class Partitioning method Boundary Value Division method Decision Table Partitioning method
Essence Divides the program input domain into several disjoint subsets (equivalence classes), and then selects a few representative data from each equivalence class to be tested as test cases Use values near the boundary of the defined field or range as test cases, for each reserved test variable, take the value min (minimum), min+ (slightly greater than the minimum), nom (any value within the domain), max-(slightly less than the maximum), Max (max) When the input and output are more, and the constraints of more than one another, will be as a condition of all the input of the various combinations of values and corresponding output values are listed more forms
Test case design for the comment section of college students ' blog system
Background When a user browses a blog post, they can comment on the blog post, and in the system design, we specify that the user comment content is limited to 100 characters.
The user can enter from 1 to 100 characters, so there is no need to divide the equivalence class within the input domain.

The test cases were:

1 characters (min)

2 characters (min+)

46 characters (NOM)

99 characters (max-)

100 characters (max)

Only one input variable, no need to use decision table partitioning method to test

Black box test of software testing and its practical application

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