Blue Growth Kee-Chase DBA (2): Install! Installation! A long-lost memory that caused me to re-perceive the DBA

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Blue Growth Kee-Chase DBA (2): Install! Installation! A long-lost memory that caused me to re-perceive the DBA

Statement ***************************************

An individual's growth record on Oracle's path, with blue self-metaphor, to share growing emotions, horizons and technological changes and growth. Sensitive information is replaced in English, and will not disclose any corporate secrets, purely for technology sharing.

Creation is inspired by self-reflection and record. If you can have a little help or sympathy for the beginning of the library friends, gratified unceasingly.

Welcome to make bricks, such as the technical details of the error, please leave a message or e-mail ([email protected]) indicated, greatly appreciated.


Humble heart, low-key life, there are too many places to learn, too much.

--Dark blue

Preface ***************************************

This is a personal record of the growth of the notes, since the step into the blue Sea of Oracle, inevitably all the way to the rush and constant test. By this story and friends to share the blue growth process.

I do not know when the blue has a kind of said not out of the obsession, obsessed with its breadth, obsessed with its depth, obsessed with the near and far away.

And don't know from when, looking at Oracle Red dazzling, illuminating a light, the unknown and confused at their feet began to show a little bit of life's enrichment and youth feedback.

Step forward on the path to the DBA's dream.


August 3 Weihai

Time flies, have not thought of serious look at the document to install the database is when, feel too long. In particular, a single instance of the DB, even if the experiment is used to direct a mirror to take it. and return to the actual work, some of the things that are no longer intended, is placed in front of the "meal ticket source." Remember reading a book before, as a DBA, installation of this matter is seldom met, what will meet the third party, what experienced people to design and so on ... At the beginning of my opinion is so, although it is loaded, but that can be said to be dust-laden memory, but in the immediate situation is the need to use the fastest time to think of it all again, this is the current work, urgent.

Tangled in the error, the cause of the problem is so ridiculous.

The problem occurs during the installation of the Oracle software, the progress bar to the 86% times is wrong, such as:

Through the error phenomenon, my first instinct response is that a package is not hit. Coincidentally, the same problem arose when I practiced RAC yesterday, when I also judged that the package was not fully installed, but I did not find out which package was not loaded. This is also the case with a single instance. I began to feel as if my train of thought had run off.

This is only hard to remember, this error phenomenon at the beginning of this year when it seems to have seen. Suddenly, this is probably due to a mismatch between Oracle and the operating system version.

Because this time using the CentOS5.6, 64-bit operating system, and used to use the 32-bit database version to do the experiment. That's what I thought. The process documentation that was recorded during RAC installation was checked over and over again, and did not find any material errors, but the mistake was so simple that it was inspired by a single instance. The database does not match the system version. So after a few twists and download on Otn, a 64-bit Linux version of the database software. And this time single instance error, try to click Continue, let it continue to install. Then pop up a few similar error, all Click Continue let it continue. This is all an experiment. What happens if the system version does not match the database version (64-bit operating system installs 32-bit Oracle software). But I did not think that, after a few consecutive errors, click Continue after the software has been successfully installed, and DBCA built a library, built monitoring completely normal. It seems to take time to test, and compatibility may be missed by a problem in the near future. Test the environment and play it.

After downloading the 64-bit Oracle software, reinstall it, as expected, smooth installation, no error. This time, the problem is in the details, here warning, remember, the system and database version, the number of bits to match.

Let the installation toss for a while and suddenly want to talk about what a DBA is, although the current installation is just one of the small demands of the DBA (which may even be said to be unimportant, but still wants to say).

When it comes to this, it is inevitable to re-comb the future, and put a positive attitude. And for the needs of today's DBAs, but also reminds me of the words of chatter, want to say something more, say to yourself, also say to just select the database this line of people.

        Listen to many 5, 6 years ago 8i, 9i era, the word DBA in the outside world seems to be a more mysterious, relatively tall position. At that time, the knowledge and knowledge of DBAs was far from being understood by so many people today, and it could be said that the DBA at that moment was a very good position to be treated and well-known. The original OCP, OCM certification is far more than today's gold value and more can reflect the values. Fortunately, Oracle also found this point, enhance the 11GOCP certification difficulty, I think Oracle does not want to see the OCP certificate Bad street embarrassing situation. But there are two sides to everything, but at the time, the demands of the DBA were not as complex as they were today, but the pressure seemed to me to be greater. What is this for? With the continuous development of Oracle, the continuous innovation and upgrading of the version, the operation of the more intelligent, more functional, the choice of target tools more diversified. As an example, it is obvious that at the time, for a DBA, writing a shell script was a must, even if the RAC was built by itself to write the script. Look at the present, whether it is the network or the book material, the resources are too many. Even some DBAs have become accustomed to the "take doctrine", to find the same script, a little modification, it becomes their own labor results. This may also explain the reason for the lower gold content today. But history is always mingjian, we are still more to be based on today, more looking to the future. After all, the times and technology need to continue to develop, evolve and ascend, is the trend of human IT development. So that human civilization can progress. Think about it, if one day DBAs are all unemployed, technology intelligence will be what to achieve the kind of height, we pull out, whether there should be more joy to do.

Pull away, and then pull the conversation back. See how DBAs should be positioned in an era of speculation in today's cloud era. For the sky-flying cloud data, Big data concept, a lot of time is a little helpless. I first learned that this concept should be in the 07, 08, when it was still in school, at that time felt that the technology is a tall, gold-content ultra-high, is a very cattle x industry, so the final decision to go hardware professional road, the database of the industry dare not hope. After understanding some to find, the media of the boos under speculation, more follow the foreign "cloud concept" theoretical development, after this, the domestic began to imitate even more hot theory speculation, plagiarism wave. In a blink of an eye 6, 7 years later, as if this "big data" finally some start performance. Resource reallocation, the rapid development of virtualization and, to a large extent, the advancement of Big data, VMware became the world's top ten software company in 2013, and it is evident that Hadoop and NoSQL databases are being held extremely hot. Oracle, of course, is unwilling, after the acquisition of Sun can meet Larry's ambitions, the advent of 12C, can be said to formally start the first step toward big data. Many of the strong began to Mo soldiers Shuma, poised to seize the "cloud" this seemingly "floating" but "fat oil" of the "future." And for the DBA, in this era, to quote Liang: "This is the worst of times, but also the best of times." In the face of the data re-recognition and application of each row and industry, the role of database related personnel is more explicit or more vague.

Separate several aspects to express the words:

1, as a database development, in the future market demand will be explosive growth, focusing on logic and business, overtime, as a developer should be the most accustomed to the matter;

2, as a management DBA, the ability to resist pressure will be the necessary capacity, as the DBA should have that sentence, "Ching Lloyd", the calm can not reflect the real value, and often in the face of a major disaster, this is the time when the DBA needs to stand up, for the enterprise to turn a dead rebirth. That's why, in many companies, bosses think of DBAs as superhuman reasons. In their view, the DBA is a god who will do anything, and the first thing that comes to mind is the DBA. In practice, the factors are more complicated than foreseen;

3, as the direction of optimization, it is in the industry who can not tell the confusion of a complex. In my opinion, the criterion for judging a DBA is to look at the ability to optimize. A DBA that cannot be optimized cannot be called a DBA. At the same time, there is a more embarrassing situation, is the intelligent, automated optimization software development, the optimization of the database may be a period of time, by the software replaced, Oracle's EM This is the trend (note: The graphical occupation of resources, often the old application system is not allowed to use the graphical interface, It also limits the popularity of EM to a certain extent, and people just need to learn to use tools and software, and the underlying causes may not matter even if you don't know. But this is only a vision, and all hope can be this, but at the same time do not want to see this scene. To look at it in a different way, if we can find other growth points or new technology fields, we can eliminate all the DBAs ' worries, after all, we have to eat.

4, the database design, this is the highest level of demand, is to establish in the previous level of the development of the situation. But at the same time this need to understand the business requirements, database principles, model building, design the required indexes, objects. This is the foundation of the development of technical level.

If there are too many of these came David, I recommend a book for beginners to read: Liang's "Harvest, not just Oracle", this is the first book I bought about Oracle, from which, whether it is knowledge or the way of thinking, revenue is shallow.

Let's talk about what I know about today's DBA skills, and I like to use two words to describe:

1, Dns:database+network+storage; (Note that DNS here is not a domain name resolution system Oh, KISS!) )

2, Spsm:sql+pl/sql+system+middleware; (Again, SPSM here is not a concept in physics)

It is clear that today's skills requirements for DBAs are becoming more and more active, and if you want to be a managed DBA you need to master the principles of the database, including backup, recovery, tuning, RAC, DG, GG and many more. And for the network and storage knowledge also need to master some, this in the early implementation of the construction, the late troubleshooting are very helpful.

        In addition, I have just been in the industry for a long time, in my view, for DBAs, proficiency in SQL is basic, The constant use of this work will strengthen the memory, or deliberately carry out some instructions I think it is very necessary. and then PL/SQL, many people think that as a DBA without the ability to write scripts, I do not agree with this, although the current personal ability is very limited, for scripting very difficult, after all, not to write code origin, for a lot of logical understanding or invoke what still feel very laborious. But I insist that this capability will be of great benefit to a DBA, and that when you master PL/SQL, the understanding and use of stored procedures, packages, functions will be completely different, and in the case of tuning it will occupy a considerable proportion, and some of the tuning projects only have SQL statements on them. There is also the management of the database, some of the functions of the monitoring is what we need to do, here is the ability to write shell, if the company wants to maximize the cost reduction to achieve the effect of monitoring, it is very common for DBAs to write some monitoring scripts. Even with some monitoring software, if you understand PL/SQL, you will find that the degree of understanding is not the same. So, I say so much, I just want to emphasize that the ability to have PL/SQL will bring a lot of help to career and stability. There is a view that "in many ways the DBA is required to modify the script to accomplish its purpose", which is indeed recognized. However, this view to a certain extent misled many people, thought as a DBA can only modify the script is OK, this is often a misunderstanding, saw many DBAs initially write some simple scripts, the foundation of a solid after the business level to modify the script for their own, and finally achieve the point of ease. And those who from the beginning only uphold the good opinion of the change, to the last few can modify the script for their own use, here to share, for your reference.

Then say the system, the current database mainstream running platform is under the Linux or UNIX, so that want to play a good db for the operation of the system need to practice, proficiency is to solve the db problem brings a lot of convenience. I've been exposed to several operating systems, including the Solaris, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Suse, Ubuntu, and Aix, Hpunix, and so on, which were very laborious and time-consuming at first contact, Common commands are those and different UNIX and Linux systems have a lot of similarities between, although the current command of a lot of control also need to check the manual to determine, but to its understanding that the operating system as we usually play the Windows platform of the game, to slowly learn to know it, Master it and be proficient in it. And not only for the system, coordination at the application level of middleware is also one of the skills to master, about the middleware I know very little, still in the slow learning, here is not too much to express personal views.

*************************************** to be continued ***************************************

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