Book reviews in the Zen of speech

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Book reviews in the Zen of speech


This is a very special book about PPT. The cover pictures are in the context of the sea and heaven, and the five huge stones are built into a small tower. Such an artistic conception fits the title and reveals a simple, natural, and peaceful Zen. In fact, I am not very familiar with PPT at work, so I am a bit confused about the association between ppt and Zen in the East. Besides, the author of this book is still an American, which is really suspected of speculation! So I read this book with questions.
Why do we need a PPT?
With regard to this question, I think of a funny video that has been widely circulated on the Internet. The content is a university dormitory night talk. There is one of the following conversations:
Student A: I will tell you, the most promising development tool is not c ++, Java, C #, but PPT.
Student D: it makes sense! You can see that the boss has always used PPT for demonstration to the customer. How can you see that the boss has used developer studio for demonstration to the customer.
Student A: We write programs to calculate money by line. The boss creates a PPT, and millions of students are recorded!
This is just a joke. Although exaggerated, it does reveal the essence of PPT. What is a PPT? PPT is a tool for speaking in the PC era. Almost everyone in the workplace needs to use it: subordinates use it to report to leaders, and merchants use it to sell products to customers, researchers use it to present research results to their peers. The role of PPT is to assist people in communication and communication. The poor PPT layout is disorganized, And the content is obscure. The audience cannot understand the speaker's purpose and cannot talk about any communication at all. The excellent PPT is well-organized, efficient, elegant, undecorated, and persuasive. It can "make the communication between the speaker and the audience smoother and more effective ". This book is about how to make excellent PPT.
Do you have a PPT?
I believe that even those who have never used a PPT for demonstration, as long as they have a basic computer knowledge, they can make a presentation using the PPT. Isn't it a PPT? This book tells you, no! If the PPT you just created is just-enter the title in the first line, insert the text box below, and enter the key points-you are not getting started yet. The author said, "demonstration is science and art ". Therefore, before preparing a PPT, a scientist should analyze the content he wants to express, give full consideration, and determine the subject, just like a scientific question, be an artist, give full play to your creativity and imagination, and make the demo content appealing.

Do you really have a PPT?
Do not think that the so-called appeal is the dazzling Multimedia effect in PowerPoint. The negative consequence of doing so is to confuse yourself or the audience. Let's talk about one of your own experiences. In my graduation reply that year, I used PPT to present my statement. In order to impress my teachers, I spent a few days asking for and collecting the true story of the PPT, I thought that the animation effect in PowerPoint was dazzling, and it certainly made the teachers shine, so I was very pleased to apply them to my own PPT. Unfortunately, due to the extreme tension in the presentation, I was disturbed by the animation which was so messy that the original clear flowchart could not be clearly described, finally, I ended the final exam in the student age with great disappointment.
In the final analysis, PPT is just a carrier. What is truly valuable is the thoughts expressed through this carrier. Focusing too much on the techniques of the PowerPoint software and ignoring the content to be expressed is actually putting the cart before the horse (alas, it would not be so bad to understand this truth early on ). Therefore, the author said, "The basic use of software is still necessary to master", but "the speech technique is not limited to this ". So where is the speech technique? Please read this book carefully!
Although the book is full-color, the text is only 233 pages, and the price is 59 yuan. Some readers may feel that it is too expensive: the price of such a PPT brochure is so high that publishers are really black! What I want to talk about is that this book does not teach you how to use the PPT software, but the ideas that run through the way that PPT communicates with people. Once you learn the skills, the books that teach the skills have no value, and the ideas are often new. I believe you will have a new experience and insights for every reading of this book.



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