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In the folly of the discourse, we see the fundamental of programming: order, branching and looping. Large If"Yugong Yishan"such a project can be achieved by such simple programming. This is the precise meaning of programming. When programming as a behavior, we just need to know its logical method on the line can be. Programming is actually handing over one thing to the computer to do,What do you think the matter should do, describe it to the computer in the form of "programming language"? If you do not understand how to do it, then you should not expect the computer to understand what you want to do. InSIP+RTPimplemented inMarkdrag, I have a deep understanding of this sentence, in the code before, must first use natural language to describe the logical flow, or to the back of their own are not clear where there are problems, everywhere is a flaw! So the first priority of programming is to first analyze things clearly, the logical relationship of events and dependencies, and then write code implementation. Start as soon as you get a job .Codingprogrammers, usually the most overtime programmers. In any language, you will be able to master and start programming within two weeks. Because of any language, their underlying library of functions is similar in that theirAPIare dependent on the operating system in that way .。 In an age of no engineering, the whole of a programmer is what is said above. They mastered a language, understood some of the most common logic in life, they thought and learned some algorithms in a procedural way, and, based on previous experience, ran the algorithms on top of some data structures. Finally, we saw the program they wrote.

A diligent fool can not create a method. I've already said that. For the"1 million lines of code are written to a file.", and find a function to press in the editor theTimesPage up/page down key of the diligent people, is not expected them to create a"Unit Files (Unit)"This kind of development method comes. If I'm lazy, can I automate the performance test? Feel if made, it must be very cool, for the future test is very useful for reference, you can think about。 I then asked him:"since you know how to classify books, neatly arranged on the desk, then how did not think how to classify the knowledge learned, summed up, neatly put into the mind? "One thing that is completely unrelated to "object-oriented" arises because of the appearance of "process" and "unit". This is the project(Engineering) ".

"Boulevard to Jane" 1

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